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Comment Re:WTF is the point of BB Balance? (Score 1, Informative) 267

Incorrect. If you add your corporate Exchange account to your iphone, you are giving your Exchange admins the ability to wipe your device. I know this because the it happened to a friend of mine - the IT function at her company apparently had a spazz attack and remote wiped ALL the phones.

iOS remote wipe from exchange

Comment Re:Someone explain this to me... (Score 1) 98

Well my reasons:

I actually bought an android device (a Galaxy Note, which I never bothered "jailbreaking" because it was good enough as it was), which I then had stolen.

A colleague gave me a 3GS she had lying around for me to use. It's now mine. However for me to proceed to sell it so that I could purchase another android device would be (in my opinion) a pretty crappy thing to do. So I'm stuck with it for now (and not ungrateful at all, it's a decent phone and it was free).

My point being many people will have similar reasons for sticking with iOS but wanting to customise it beyond the limits of what Apple allow.

Comment Re:Well I certainly do (Score 1) 445

I had one of these a while back (this one). I used it all the time with my mobile phone and it was both a great conversation piece and ergonomically and functionally superior to putting the mobile to my head.

Be ware, there are lots of people out there now manufacturing similar things and the quality varies dramatically. The one linked in PP looks to be of pretty poor quality.

The phobile is no longer available as far as I know which is a shame.

Comment Re:The Telephone Network (Score 1) 338

We have a reconditioned rotary dial telephone. Up until recently I could still dial out with it, but as you say the newer telephone equipment doesn't support pulse dialling any more. Also, it was really designed for a time when numbers were four to six digits long, not 11. Dialling 0777 etc gets old very quickly.

Comment Re:Raritan Dominion KX series (Score 2) 338

Those things are awesome. We had one at a company I used to do contracting for. The only interaction anyone on their IT staff ever had with it was double-tapping scroll lock. I found out the IP address and used it without getting up from my desk and they all thought I was some kind of wizard.

I worry about the state of some people's IT staff.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 203

My own anecdotal experience as someone who likes a lot of current music.

I hear a song premiered on the radio during one of the evening shows that promote new music (Zane Lowe mostly). I get really excited over this great song I just heard. I go home, find it on youtube or soundcloud (usually posted by the artist or label) and listen the hell out of it. Post about it on twitter and facebook and so on.

However, this song is a good month or two months away from actually being released. By the time it's actually released, I've already heard it many times, and I've already moved on to the next new exciting song. My urge to purchase song 1 is significantly reduced.

I try to override this for artists I really care about and make sure I purchase the song, but I'm not excited about buying it.

The massive disparity between a song being released to the world and the song actually being available to buy is probably responsible for quite a lot of lost sales.

Comment Re:Shallow research (Score 1) 203

OK, I'll bite on this bite ...

I didn't go and see Avengers in the cinema but would very much have liked to. Also want to go and see Bond. Feedback on both has been overwhelmingly positive, and having watched Avengers on blu-ray, I was not disappointed.

I did go and see Cabin in the Woods (in a small independent cinema, no less), and enjoyed it immensely.

Many people rated The Dark Knight Rises highly (although it's not my sort of film). The Hunger Games was equally quite popular.

The Woman in Black.

The Lorax

Titanic 3D (my wife took the children to see that one)

Snow White and the Huntsman (took my daughter to that one)

Prometheus (not greatly rated but a lot of people went to see it)

Rock of Ages

and more, I'm only up to June.

Comment Re:They are still made (Score 1) 201

I'm typing this on a Unicomp "On-the-ball" USB model with Windows key, UK layout and trackball in the top right.

I don't use the trackball at all, it's not sensitive enough.

The build quality is not the same as an actual Model M, but still miles better than most other keyboards.

Mine has an irritating bug which means I have to replug it on reboot. I don't know why this is. When I was using it with my laptop this was a real pain in the neck, but I've now got it attached to my desktop at work, and I hardly ever reboot that, so I'd forgotten about this bug until fairly recently.

I'm happy with it. I would recommend it.

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