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Comment Re:More BS from the group that brings you BS (Score 1) 987

Why do they continue to beat this dead-horse. Everyone knows its complete and utter BS. It's been proven to be BS by several studies - yet the media continues to trumpet it for those too young to remember all of the hulabuloo about the Impending Ice-Age back in the 70's - now instead of "Global Warming" it's "Climate Change"

Interestingly if you dust off a gloom and doom report from the 1970s you can even find some similar trhings to in the modern versions. Though IIRC some of the same people are involved.

- well, the climate had been changing for the last 4.3 billion years and will continue to do so without any help from humans.

If anyone deserves the title of "denier" it's those who deny that Earth's climate has always changed, sometimes very radically, long before there were any humans around.

We are like a pimple on an ant's butt... When it comes to our effect on how, when, and to what extent the climate will change...

Humans certainly can change local weather and thus have some effect on climate systems. So do many other animals. Diverting rivers or building cities are far more likely top human significent human activities though.

Comment Re:A simpler cure (Score 1) 240

I don't have to set an alarm and I still hate that damn time change. There's no reason for it anymore. Thanks to lights on tractors and a GPS system that actually steers the harvester, farmers can work all night if necessary.

The requirement to mess with clocks twice a year didn't come from agriculture in the first place. WIth many activities on farms continuing to use actual local time even after the establishment of "timezones". The concept is far more recent. IIRC it only started in the 20th century.

Comment Re:We Can Rebuild It (Score 1) 107

All yeast dies off from alcohol at some level. If this is a serious commercial adjustment to the organism then I would be working on increasing alcohol tolerance. This would give better yields for the distillers and new wine and beer/ale/mead concoctions that will be ass kicking,

Adding an amylase gene might also help.

Comment Re:Did the accident rate increase? (Score 1) 367

His parting comment was that because of the way the statistics were collected, this would almost certainly go down as an alcohol related accident even though the driver (me) was not intoxicated.

X related is a very vague term anyway. Possibly you could describe a fuel leak as "alcohol related", considering how much ethonol may be present.

Comment Re:Situation is as clear as mud (Score 1) 623

As for these supposed Russian commandos... I really doubt they are what the report says they are. Whenever you send agents (either Spies or Commandos) into the field you strip them of anything that would identify them as spies/commandos, having ID cards for "Spetsnaz" sounds like a plant to me.

Or a "false flag". Another possibility would be that these people are in the employ of a country not officially involved the the conflict.

Comment Re:Fire = Good (Score 1) 167

But in what patterns does it get redistributed? Does it get diluted down to homeopathic levels thus curing everyone in the Ukraine of cancer, or does it get redistributed in concentrated form, creating pockets of high radiation outside the exclusion zone causing Ukrainians to get superpowers and kick the Russians out of Crimea.

If the latter will they stop with the Russian Federation or will they decide to invade Eastern Europe?

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 200

For Microsoft's *intended* use case (where you use the Store to get apps, simultaneously limiting your exposure to malware, having one place you can find the tools you need for your tasks, and giving MS a cut of every "purchase" [in quotes because DRM]), the Surface and Surface Pro do generally run the same applications.

An app store may protect against non-Microsoft (approved) malware. But it will do the exact opposite with malware Microsoft (Apple or Google) either approves of or is being paid to diastribute. Even if you don't consider DRM to be malware there is still the NSA (and "friends") to look out for.

Comment Re:How many were DNS baed issues? (Score 1) 207

The tendency of Firefox to preserve its own DNS cach means I cannot use it when hopping from VPN to VPN with split DNS running. unless I configure and install my _own_ local DNS server to auto-reconfigure every time I activate a VPN. I'm afraid it's become unusable for me for real work and testing when switching from internal to external website access as I debug network and configuration issues: it's the only browser that fails this way.

It's generally a bad idea for applications to be caching DNS at all. (Or for that matter "poking their noses" into anything which is an really an OS function.) The resolver library will almost always do a far better job. Including handling link level changes. In the few cases where it dosn't it's the resolver library which needs fixing anyway.

Comment Re:In my experience (Score 1) 384

So my suggestion is that, if you really want to see a jump in math skills, start placing more emphasis on learning the concepts and less emphasis on how fast students can process problems. Allow students unlimited time on tests if they want it (maybe give them the option of taking tests after school instead of in class). It will give a lot of students like me a lot more confidence in themselves once they realize that they're not fucking stupid or "just bad at math"--that they're just slower, more deliberate, and more thoughtful.

Timed tests are common with many subjects. You'd have to make some radical changes to education to eliminate them.

Comment Re:More water processing tech is what's needed ... (Score 1) 545

A lot of green power sources like wind are only usable for peak load generation, why not use unclaimed power for feeding seawater desalination? California has something in excess of 3GW of wind power and a rough figure of 14kWH/kgal of Pacific Ocean desalination.

Can you run a desalination plant using a power source where the output varies at random? That's always been the fundermental issue with wind power.

Comment Re:i interpret it to mean (Score 1) 497

There are calls to have people who dispute or are sceptical of certain "consensus" paradigms thrown out of their jobs, of their institutions and in some cases tried as criminals.

Which is not unlike the way political and religious authorities have treated "hertics" in the past.

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