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Comment Re:isn't it used on violent prisoners? (Score 1) 326

We're not talking about "quite a few". We're talking about 80,000 at levels per capita that no other country on earth does. We don't conduct science and research to make ourselves feel fuzzy. We do it to point out that a huge amount of those people are not in for life, and will be released at some point, so why would we be complicit in inflicting mental instability on them given that it would be in our self interest to ensure they're not crazy when then are released? The whole point of raising the alarm on this is that it's being used on people who do not pose imminent physical threats and dangers to others. It's right there in the summary, and the article - nobody is suggesting that solitary confinement isn't required, but it's weapons grade stupid (if a profitable business model for jails) to turn humans into worse humans. We figured out a long time ago that it's more more beneficial for US to rehabilitate those who we can, so if you're okay with using punishments and detainment that cause people do become more of a danger to society when they're let out than when they're let in, you're not even making a case for self interest.

Comment Re:assuming too much (Score 1) 137

Men v.s. women ought to be fairly simple as long as we're dealing with untrained writers. Women use social words like pronouns and verbs about people more often than men. Women are also, arguably, slightly better writers than men on average because they make more of an effort in primary school.

IIRC the "Turing Test" was originally posed as if it were possible to tell the difference between a man and a woman. Rather than between a human and a computer.
The other issue is that someone attempting to decieve may deliberatly alter how they use language. Plenty of "con artists" have no formal training...

Comment Re:By reef... (Score 5, Informative) 277

As for Tasmania, almost 50% of the entire state is currently world heritage listed.

Are you sure about that? Closer to 20% it would seem.

I don't think de-listing a fraction of a percent of that ....

A fraction of a percent? They're de-listing ~74000 hectares of 1.4 million. Thats closer to 20%. going to cause much damage.

You can't even get basic facts right & you expect people to believe your assessment of what will cause much damage? Even by slashdot standards, you're a fuckwit.

Comment Re:Stand their ground (Score 4, Insightful) 247

I can't see how Wiki has all that much leverage.

Looking at the list of most popular websites, I think only facebook & youtube would have more influence on video-standards settings.

When did you last see someone turn down one Smartphone for another because it couldn't play a wiki video?

Never, but it can add to a list of small frustrations, getting a user to switch manufacturers next contract renewal. You don't have to be the sole reason for a change to have leverage over manufacturers.

Comment Re:At constant risk (Score 2) 309

India will still be at constant risk. This modern secular country is right next to a muzzy hell-hole where attacks on polio workers are frequent.

Depressingly, Pakistani muslims are correct in thinking that vaccination programs may be controlled by western governments. The CIA used a fake vaccination program (not polio) to aid in the hunt for Bin Laden.

Among the many other things that Islam forbids they have now decided that polio vaccines are unislamic.

Islam does not forbid vaccination.

Comment Re:Took them long enough... (Score 1) 934

You are forgetting structural and stylistic written language differences between now and then. Militia is mentioned as an example/preamble, not as a requirement for the rest of the amendment. You should read a little more of the old literature.

The same kind of misunderstandings of 18th century language could occur with many parts of the US Constitution.

Comment Re:Research ship - Bah humbug! (Score 2) 168

There's about as much research in that ship as in the Japanese "whale research" fleet that for some mysterious reason needs to test and re-test the deliciousness of whale meat every year..

Possibly more going on those ships. Since, AFAIK, the Japanese have never used the oxymoron "settled science".

Comment Re:Screen resolution for laptops? (Score 1) 319

The PC Market is dying because PC OEMs are making less and less money on PC sales and have been for nearly a decade now.
This would be fine if the PC market wasn't so driven by growth.
With no growth OR no stable profit lines, the PC industry is in serious fucking trouble.

There can't be many markets where you can expect infinite growth in the first place.

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