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Comment Re:'All in one media player' exists already... (Score 4, Informative) 266

Not trolling, but how's 1080p x264 playback with that setup? I have a Popcorn Hour A100 (old-school) that does it all except DTS audio... :\


The important bit to note is the ION. If you have a NVidia GPU, you can use the Live or Linux (And at this point, I think the Windows version supports GPU acceleration) versions, and if you enable VDPAU (Or the Windows equivalent), and it will happily accelerate the video. I get full 1080p playback with no dropped frames or stuttering on a Asus AspireRevo that is almost completely silent.

Submission + - Saccharin can be used to fight Asian Soybean Rust (

FrYGuY101 writes: Saccharin, the artificial sweetener used in diet drinks and other consumer products, has an unexpected sweet agricultural benefit: It helps soybean plants ward off a disease that threatens the entire soybean industry, University of Florida researchers say. If the sugar substitute performs as well in the field as it did in the lab, it may give farmers a cost-effective weapon in the fight against Asian soybean rust, an invasive fungal disease that appeared in the continental U.S. in 2004 and is now a major grower concern.

Comment Re:Just hilarious (Score 2, Interesting) 339

And it would be one way for an administrator to allow people to download software while being reasonably assured they're not going to install malware by accident. I would hope.

Check out AppLocker.

It allows you to vet certain programs and allow them to be installed, including updates and future versions, without granting the user account full rights to install.

Or you can publish MSIs to the network and allow your users to install programs from the "Add Programs" menu.

Comment I check the scored on Virus Bulliten and... (Score 1) 896

I check the scored on Virus Bulletin and AV Comparitives to get the best available. I have used Avast! for years with great success, and recently started using Microsoft Security Essentials, both of which are VB100 rated. I like the small footprint of the new MS offering, and the fact that it has such a high detection and low false-positive rating. So far so good, even on my in-laws' laptop.

Comment Re:Insanity (Score 1) 383

the students and their parents could be prosecuted if they did not participate in an after-school 'education program.'

I love the fucking hypocrisy around sex in USA. Sure, violence and killing people is all okay, but when it's about natural human function like sex it's all bad and must be hidden.

You don't know what the program is about. Regardless of anyone's feelings on sex, letting semi-nude pictures of yourself get transmitted digitally is a bad idea, as is transmitting them, and these teens might not understand that.

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