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Comment Re:Are you serious? (Score 5, Informative) 682

Sounds like the parent and child are separated. Nothing wrong with trying to stay connected at a distance...

Giving a 4 year old a phone is not the solution to that problem.

By the way, my wife and I Skype three times a week with our grandchildren who are about that age. Works much better than handing them a phone.

Comment Re:Does anyone understand the "zombies" craze? (Score 1) 220

But... if they're gearing up to fight "zombies", they can stockpile all the weapons they want and only appear to be a little paranoid.

So, like this?

So, Dave, what's with all the automatic weapons and the cases of surplus MRE packages? Coomunists? Race war? The IRS? OBAMACARE ? No?


Yes, that's only a "little" paranoid, Dave...

Comment Re:Highly unusual? Hardly. (Score 1) 149

For my "run of the mill" TS, they contacted people I had forgotten I even knew from high school (I'm 49). They knew about increadibly minor things I did 35 years ago and had long since forgotten.

If the money were not as good as it is, I would have skipped the extended anal probe, specially because I get to do it all over again every few years.

After the second time, I requested and recieved (via FOIA) a copy of the report that I keep and review when ever a "reinvestigation" comes up.

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 3, Informative) 149

We really want a guy who owes the Mob 200K in gambling debts being leaned on to turn over top-secret information to erase his gambling debts.

There is no evidence that he is "owes the Mob 200K". There *is* evidence he used counterfit chips.

Also, if you think "the Mob" still has any control over legitimate licenced gambling establishments (such as those in NJ and NV), you really need to get out of the basement and take off the tinfoil, get a bit of sun.

Comment Good grief. (Score 4, Insightful) 220

This is just a basic Silverado 1500 Crew Cab with a stupid paint job and a bunch of crap thrown in that and "prepper" already has. For Chevy's sake I hope this stays a "concept car" because the "concept" sucks and if this is a serious direction, Chevy is in serious trouble.

This is posted at Slashdot why? Oh. Zombies.

Comment M.E.H. (Score 3, Informative) 218

Gnome and KDE went through similar histories. The maintainers (for some unkown reason) decided they had to radically change their product - just as Ubuntu decided to introduce a totally new gui a few years ago. The verdict with Gnome is almost universal - the new Gnome (Gnome 3, which you have with Centos 6, unfortunately) stinks and isn't getting any better. Nevertheless, those who offer Gnome - e.g., Redhat, SUSE, others - offer only the latest version. Redhat has made it the default. Their motto is "just get used to it". But there is one hugely positive development: Mint decided to fork the old Gnome, Gnome 2. Mint offers 2 versions of Gnome 2: the Cinamon gui and the Mate gui (pronounced matey, a type of tea). I have no experience with Cinamon but love Mate. I am using it on my main computer. I noticed recently that Fedora also offers a Mate variant. My guess is that eventually most of the distros will; they will offer their main gui, whatever it is, plus Mate, XFCE, LXDE, etc. I am guessing that Gnome 3 will eventually go away.

KDE4 is like Gnome 3 but actually improved as it developed. One of its peculiarities is that it offers 5 (I think) different ways of laying out and using the desktop. One of them - called Folder View - makes it quite similar to the discontinued KDE3. I have instances of folder view KDE4 in my PCLinuxOS and Mepis setups, and like it. Be aware, however, that KDE3, like Gnome 2, has been forked. If you go to the Trinity Linux website you will find that there are people who have rejiggered Debian, Ubuntu, and PCLOS with the KDE3 gui. In fact, one of my partitions is running Debian Wheezy with KDE3. One of the best things about KDE4 is the Dolphin file manager which I have imported into all of my non-KDE setups. It is far, far superior to every other file manager, including the old Konqueror, which Trinity KDE3 still has.

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