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Comment Sure. OK... (Score 1, Troll) 278

After a state judge blocked the mayor's plan, Bloomberg allegedly told the CEO of Taxi Club Management at a private club, 'Come January 1st, when I am out of office, I am going to destroy your f--king industry.'

And once again, Slashdot lowers itself to the level of the Nationa Enquirer with titalating rumor and inuendo. And this is "News for Nerds"? Oh yes, Slashdot shit-canned that moniker. Probably because it is no longer factually true.

OH! Wait! There's a reference to an electric car! OK, I'm sorry, I'm totally wrong. Great "scoop", Mr. "Editor" Soulskill...

Comment Re:Misleading headline (Score 3, Interesting) 38

Misleading headlines at Slashdot are not a new phenomenon, as most of the story submitters, /. "editors", and readers have a strong bias. This is normal for any non "News" (with a capital "N") web site. Bloggers may like to think of themselves as "journalists", but it's really not often accurate.

But it's been getting worse and worse here at /. and I think it's mostly driven by two things: Slashdot employees who call themselves "editors" but in fact are not, and a mandate for page views.

Page views I understand, but honestly, can we really say that there is any real "editing" going on? Do these so-called "editors" actually get paid to make minor formatting changes and for the most part simply push the most salacious / scandalous / titillating crap to the front page?

Has Slashdot become the National Enquirer of the Tech World?

Comment Re:Adverts (Score 1) 43

It sounds from TFA like Google plans to make money off these customers more directly, through subscription fees for Internet service.

Yes, of course. There are bucket loads of cash to be made from sub-Saharan Africans, what with all of their disposable income.

My point is, connectivity is *not* Google primary business. Yes?

Comment Cooked... (Score 1) 54

Stories like this, about things the DON'T Matter, should be ignored. Seriously, letâ(TM)s just agree that Facebook is cooked and done, and move onâ¦

But of course, /. no longer uses the "Stuff That Matters" moniker... Much of the time itâ(TM)s not even all that âoegeekyâ.

Comment Re:Non Fantastic (Score 1) 66

Cement is nothing more than limestone. You mix it with water, let it absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and you get calcium carbonate, which is the same composition as limestone. Concrete is just cement mixed with filler, like crushed rock.

And steel is just an alloy of iron and other elements, right.

Or is it more complex than that...

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