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Comment Re:Reasons unknown?? (Score 1) 156

There was an episode on Nova that posited exactly this. Ultimately, pitot tubes iced over and the plane was unable to determine airspeed so kicked out of autopilot, and the human pilots were too slow to respond with the suggested throttle and pitch settings in such a case.

What amazes me is the incredibly thin window they (speedwise) they have to fly in to be safe. +/- 10kts or something like that.

Comment Re:Bribery fines are funny (Score 1) 263

> I know what you mean, but what else can you do other than levy a fine?

The gov't and/or judicial arm has a very big carrot in future contracts they could easily withdraw for some period of time; say 5 years? Or, the corresponding stick of prison as someone else mentioned.

I don't necessarily think either of these is practical, but there are other means available.

Comment Re:Mayeb Not a Bad Thing? (Score 1) 331

I was with you till the Windows 7 comment. Mind you, I'm no MS lover (and perhaps irrationally biased against them), but Windows 7, as far as an MS OS goes, is quite good. Maybe I had worse luck with Vista than most; maybe that was MS' plan all along, but I'm forced to live with it for my employment, and Win 7 was an absolute godsend compared to Vista.

Submission + - Mozy unlimited backup - no more (

MoeDrippins writes: Mozy has killed off their unlimited space offsite backup and has moved to a tiered model. I received an email this evening detailing the new pricing, along with what my new price will be given my current volume of backed up data.

Luckily (or perhaps, legally), they were good enough to honor my current unlimited plan through its expiration for no additional fee.


Submission + - Universe May Be Infinite (

afree87 writes: Analyzing the latest observations of the visible Universe, astronomers have found it is at least 250 times bigger than anything we can detect, and may indeed be infinite: "They say that the curvature of the Universe is tightly constrained around 0. In other words, the most likely model is that the Universe is flat. A flat Universe would also be infinite and their calculations are consistent with this too." In an infinite universe, every anime is real.

Submission + - Time to take Bill Gates out of MS Borg Logo 1

atchijov writes: These days he is one of (if not the most) most admirable billionaires in the world. His humanitarian projects are making real difference for millions of people.
Bill Gates was out of MS for quite a few years. I say, it is time to replace his likeness in MS Borg logo with Mr. Balmer.

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