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Comment Re:Limits (Score 5, Interesting) 611

My wife uses Groupon all the time and so by extension I use Groupons. I hate them for precisely the GPs reason. Retailers ask if you are using a Groupon. If you say yes you almost always get substandard treatment/products. The companies who use Groupon overextend themselves and then hire temps or decrease quality to cover for their mistake. It's bad for businesses and bad for customers. The only one it's good for is Groupon.

Submission + - Earth May Once Had Two Moons (space.com)

AaronW writes: According to a story at space.com, Earth may once have had two moons. The smaller moon, estimated to be 750 miles (1200km) wide and only 4% of the mass of the larger moon, crashed into the far side of the larger moon which caused the features we see today on the moon. The surface of the far side of the moon is quite different than the side facing the earth, having a different composition and a much rougher terrain.

Comment Re:Upstream? (Score 2) 175

Not sure if you are trolling but, No, LEDs are not capable of receiving data or acting as inputs. In the summary they used the example of streaming video where of course the monitor doesn't need to send and data back. The summary said they use a simple photo diode to receive. Light Emitting Diodes and Photo Diodes are 2 separate distinct things.

Comment Re:Key Based passwords: memorable, always unique (Score 1) 340

I agree with AC how about something like first letter last letter of the domain

facebook becomes --> fd0nT+A2eM3bR0!k
or if you really want to get fancy
*f*aceboo*k*.co*m* becomes --> kd0nT+A2eM3bR0!fm

then you know how to generate your passwords but if the bad guy that gets one pw is still in the dark about your system.
Now if he gets 2 different passwords you are likely exposed.

Comment Re:Ten points if reading this on your second monit (Score 1) 1002

Call me super spoiled. I have 4 monitors at work & home. Both setups have a 30" Samsung in the center. The rest are older smaller monitors scrounged from wherever i could find them. I can't even imagine going back to 2 monitors. I am a developer.

Main 30" monitor. - Dev code GUI
2nd monitor - email
3rd monitor main web research / dev program output while coding
4th live router status / stock widgets / pandora / onenote

Comment Re:the darker side of grey (Score 2) 158

I think they are 2 distinct issues that do not combine the way you suggest.

1. If you violate a websites TOS the website can come after you.

2. The info they gain spidering a website is pretty much free for them to use to discriminate against you.

Anything I post on slashdot/FB/any online forum I treat like it is viewable by every future and past employer, insurer, lender, ex girlfriend etc. Anything online will exist forever and if it's not already permanently linked to you, it will be before you die. If that's right or wrong, legal or illegal is really besides the point IMHO.

Comment Re:Charge the CA with complicity in any attacks (Score 1) 128

It is possible for an internal DNS server to resolve your mail.example.com to your local 10.x.x.x inside and let your external DNS tell the outside world the external address. If you are a very small shop and don't want to set up an internal dns server you could even just modify the host file on the boxes that need to access the internal servers.

Comment Holding it increases your blood presure. (Score 4, Interesting) 229

I've been going to the doctor with a family member often and they were constantly taking his blood pressure. So I've been curious about the things that affect blood pressure and according one nurse if you have a full bladder your blood pressure will go up significantly. (Couldn't quickly confirm via google, could a slashdot MD confirm or refute?)

I wonder if the increase in blood pressure do to holding it gives your brain more blood so it functions better. I wonder if there is a way to control the experiment for the blood pressure difference.

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