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Comment 64 bit? (Score 1) 266

From the Wikipedia article

Most operating systems designed to run on 64-bit hardware already use signed 64-bit time_t integers, effectively eliminating the Year 2038 problem in any software that has been developed to use the extended format. Using a signed 64-bit value introduces a new wraparound date that is over twenty times greater than the estimated age of the universe: approximately 292 billion years from now, at 15:30:08 on Sunday, 4 December 292,277,026,596. The ability to make computations on dates is limited by the fact that tm_year uses a signed 32 bit int value starting at 1900 for the year. This limits the year to a maximum of 2,147,485,547 (2,147,483,647 + 1900).[8] While this solves the problem for executing programs, it does not, however, solve the problem of storing date values within binary data files, many of which employ rigid storage formats.

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