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Comment Re:Pffff Warming ... ice age ... they're both comi (Score 1) 747

(source http://www.landcareresearch.co.nz/research/globalchange/climate_change.asp

and the temperature drops like a stone (weather apparently goes from normal to ice age conditions, meaning permafrost in the northern sahara, and a *very* white Christmas in southern Mexico, while Florida becomes an ice sheet, just to give an idea how extreme this is, in less than 10 years). That's 10 years, triggered by some unknown event, after which America less inhabitable than Greenland. Even the deserts of the middle east will be cold conditions, and harsh winters, at best.

Of course the error margin on these data are like 500-1000 years, which is a lot of time. But while we don't know why or how, *something* is going to trigger an ice age, pretty soon now. But that's "pretty soon" in "very likely in the next 2000 years" ...

But, your very own source seems to indicate that both CO2 and CH4 levels are much much higher than what the normal cycle produces. Also, the current temperature, according to that graph, is higher than seen in the past 450,000 years. Surely that won't have an effect on the changes that come? If CO2 of 280ppm produces an ice age which plummets average temperatures by 6 degrees, what catastrophic drop will we see from CO2 of 370 (and rising...)?

I'm also curious as to where you're getting your "10 years" figure. If the margin of error on the data is 500-1000 years, how could you possible infer that the temperature drop and glaciation occurs over such a short timeframe?

Or even worse... what if the Ice Age that's supposed to be triggered in the next 2000 years is prevented, and instead the temperature keeps spiraling upward? I don't think either is desirable. I love my car as much as any red-blooded American, but for the sake of my children's children's children(x10), I think we definitely need to make some changes to how our race is treating this planet.


Google Wave Creator Quits, Joins Facebook 191

srimadman found an interview with Wave creator Lars Rasmussen where he talks about his recent decision to join Facebook, leaving Google behind. Apparently getting personally pitched by Zuckerberg helped. He says, "I've got a job description of 'come hang out with us for a while and we'll see what happens,' which is a pretty exciting thing." The article talks about Big vs Small companies, and notes that about 20% of Facebook's staff are former Googlers.

Comment Re:double standard (Score 2, Insightful) 177

Does capsaicin kill you? In order for something to be a poison, the LD50 must be a small enough dose that a reasonable person could accidentally, or intentionally, consume it in a reasonable period of time. "a substance that, when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism, causes death or injury, esp. one that kills by rapid action even in a small quantity" lactose and capsaicin don't fall under that category.

Comment Re:Pitch (Score 2, Interesting) 248

Hey now, I was simply pointing out an obvious shortcoming to the potential usefulness of this in an area where insurgents still want to keep it mined. When used to clean up abandoned minefields, I think this product has the potential to save tons of lives (and limbs). No need for you to wish me into the middle of a minefield simply because I pointed out a potential countermeasure to the product.

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