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Comment Re:Pitch (Score 2, Interesting) 248

Hey now, I was simply pointing out an obvious shortcoming to the potential usefulness of this in an area where insurgents still want to keep it mined. When used to clean up abandoned minefields, I think this product has the potential to save tons of lives (and limbs). No need for you to wish me into the middle of a minefield simply because I pointed out a potential countermeasure to the product.

Comment Re:apple - the most anti-open company (Score 4, Insightful) 600

The difference is this: Microsoft was using their monopoly* with Windows (software) to push another piece of software (Internet Explorer). The reason I have to side with Apple on this is because they aren't using their monopoly* on iPods (hardware) to push another piece of hardware. And the Zune software won't sync my iPod... so should I sue Microsoft, for not allowing their software to work with my hardware? Because that's all that Apple is doing. They're not allowing their software to work with the Palm hardware. *Let's not be pedantic about my use of the word "monopoly" -k-?

Comment Re:how would you prove (Score 1) 250

Apple's position on stolen iPods is the same, for similar reasons. They won't even add a note to the service record so that if the iPod comes in for service the tech would see it. And even if there was such a note, the techs hands are tied. He does his job: Service the iPod, instead of that of the police: Track down stolen goods.

Comment Re:Pretty easy (Score 1) 633

I wouldn't worry about USB disappearing. My company recently bought a brand new Dell. I couldn't believe that Dell was still shipping computers with a VGA port, first introduced 22 years ago! USB is 13 years old. 10 years from now, it will still be shipping on new Dells, and it won't be hard to find a 6 year old Dell in use by someone when the girl turns 17. OT: What makes me cringe even more: Most of our machines have DVI ports. Most of our displays also have DVI ports. So why are my coworkers using the VGA connectors on each?

Comment Re:Does this mean the iPhone... (Score 1) 248

Apple is not a carrier. They make the phone. They run the App store.

Skype is not a carrier. They make the application.

AT&T *IS* a carrier. But, obstinately, they have no control over Skype or Apple. Apple could still say "Nah, we still want Apps over 10MB to be downloaded over WiFi, for the sake of our customers experience".

Comment Re:BooHoo (Score 2, Informative) 789

Greetings from a EU citizen. You guys need to lobby for number portability. It's a big step towards more competition when customers can switch to another provider without worrying about losing their phone number.

We have number portability. What these folks above me are talking about is switching to the same provider and keeping your phone number. It might be possible in theory, but obviously the company is on to those tricks, and so the systems aren't set up to allow you to port a number from a current AT&T account to a new AT&T account and get the "new account" equipment discount.

Comment Re:iPhone fine print (Score 1) 770


Also, stupid slashdot, I was using so many caps because I am yelling. Yeesh.

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