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Comment Re:Doesn't even have to be live life... (Score 1) 369

If they did, you would probably never hear about it.

I'm not a big conspiracy conspiracy nut, but as a kid I remember sitting there thinking how little information was coming out of the Viking 2 landing site. All of the pictures and the analysis was about Viking 1 on Chryse, but nearly nothing at all from Utopia.

Carl Sagan's Cosmos dedicated an entire episode to the Viking program. Again, nearly 100% of it was about Viking 1. All the pictures except 1 were of the Chryse landing site.

Dunno, it just always struck me as odd since both places were different from each other from a geological, latitude/longitude and terrain standpoint.

I have mod points, too bad there's no +1 (Paranoid) option...

Submission + - Internet Radio to be killed by the RIAA

Anonymous Coward writes: "Just got this in the mail from Tim Westergren, Pandora's CEO: "I'm writing today to ask for your help. We've had a disastrous turn of events recently for internet radio: Following an intensive lobbying effort on the part of the RIAA, an arbitration committee in Washington DC has just dramatically increased the fees internet radio sites must pay to the record labels — tripling fees and adding enormous retroactive payments! Left unchanged by Congress, this will kill all internet radio sites, including Pandora. Tomorrow afternoon there is an important U.S. Senate hearing on the future of internet radio."

This issue has started to get blog coverage: es-go-up/ and /03/the_vast_potent.html

If you live in the US, please contact your local Congressman now!

Please note that I have no Pandora affiliation except as a very happy user."

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