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Comment Re:A proposition... (Score 5, Insightful) 148

So why were you endangering national security?

Every time you use teh interwebs, you are endangering national security.

Every time you leave the house, you are endangering national security.

Every time you stay at home, you are endangering national security.


Consider that they are tracking everyone.

Which means everyone is a suspect.

And they wouldn't be suspects if they weren't guilty.


Q. What do you call an innocent civilian?
A. A criminal who hasn't broken the law yet.

Comment Simpsons is right (Score 1) 198

...because with all that radioactive water dumping into the Pacific, any fish from that ocean will start absorbing radioactive elements. Bart's three-eyed fish will seem tame in comparison, because at least you can see the problem.

Even better? Radiation is cumulative, so propensity for tissue damage rises with each exposure and the radioactive elements build up in the animal's body. There is no safe level of radiation exposure (source: Hellen Cadicott)

Still even better? Expect the higher-order fish (the ones that eat other fish) to end up will even more radiation exposure. Guess what's at the top of the food chain? That's right: those hairless chimps are flocked.

Try the fish!

Comment Re:xp still works (Score 1) 520

On the other hand SSH can't be compromised,

Do tell! So some malware/virus couldn't snatch the SSH keys from an infected box and then ssh into another? Or simply ssh into an improperly-secured box (say, with easy-to-guess passwords for easy-to-guess accounts)?

Please sign me up for your newsletter, The Dunning-Kruger Daily. I hope it has a good crossword puzzle!

Comment Re:Windows 8 woohoo! (Score 1) 210

So, it has come to this.

No, they're missing the boat, as usual. They need to port PHP to their craptaculous phone, then they'll have all the apps they could ever dream of.

The market will become flooded with Windows Phone "Developers" just as the Web space now is, then the inherent technical debt will increase past the point of breaking and millions, nay BILLIONS will be spent trying to maintain and extend all the in-house apps clueless businesses have written.

And that means more money for me when I come in and fix their problem with clean, maintainable (and noob-proof) code. *cackle*

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 5, Insightful) 1103

This is idealized and only a few unions ever truly seemed to work for the employees.

Personal Anecdote FTFail!

Here are a few things you can "blame" on Unions:

  • Weekends
  • 40-hr work weeks
  • Sick days
  • Being able to live wherever you want, not just a company house
  • No more child labor
  • Benefits
  • Fair hiring practices
  • Fair promotion practices

Now, please regale up with more tales of flight and fancy and how the unions are to blame!

Comment Re:Weekly/Monthly Salary (Score 2) 1103

My point is that at some point, people are responsible for their own decisions and their own positions in life.

Let 'em burn, eh?

No penny for the guy, eh?

I hope you find your Ayn Randian paradise soon (but make sure it is far, far away, please!)

Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow-men. — Mahatma Gandhi

Comment Grasshopper, you must learn from your elders! (Score 1) 572

I have a simple solution: Follow me around for a day (and a night).

Watch when the new guy gets ignored by his team members and forgets that Google exists so he comes to us expecting days of basic training on how to do his job.

Never answer a question directly. Require your Padawan to ALWAYS ASK THE DUCK before they bother you. If the duck can't answer the question, then it is okay to ask you. If you don't know the answer, then YOU need to ask the duck. Learn this lesson, you must.

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