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Comment Hardly (Score 1) 658

Your (and Adobe's) scheme rests upon the misconception that everyone wants the latest and greatest everything.

I have CS6. If they came out with CS7, I'd probably wait a year (or longer) before buying it, because CS6 does everything I need.

Another thing companies like Adobe forget (Microsoft STILL hasn't learned) is that UI changes SUCK for the end user. I am at maximum productivity and you want to mess up my nuts-n-bolts memory (of how to use the software)? Fark you.

I used to use GIMP exclusively. I could probably switch back and get 90% of everything I need. That last 10% would be painful to give up, but I suppose I could learn to do without. So, I'll keep running CS6 until I can't install it anymore (Hello, Poser!) and then move to Gimp.

Comment Yeah (Score 2) 366

I used to work for a company that produced avionics software. Obviously, we had to write solid code.

The On-Board Shuttle group is (was) even more bad-ass than that. For them, 5 9s (99.999% failure rate) was unacceptably lax.


But how much work the software does is not what makes it remarkable. What makes it remarkable is how well the software works. This software never crashes. It never needs to be re-booted. This software is bug-free. It is perfect, as perfect as human beings have achieved. Consider these stats : the last three versions of the program -- each 420,000 lines long-had just one error each. The last 11 versions of this software had a total of 17 errors. Commercial programs of equivalent complexity would have 5,000 errors.

Comment Re:This article is bullshit! (Score 4, Insightful) 404

who was devolving deeply into socialism toward the end of his life

Welcome to 2013, Mr. Fossil, where the word "Socialism" doesn't make red-blooded Americans wet their pants the way it did back in the '50s.

Of course, I'll have to ask you to stop using our Socialist services, including: roads, Fire/Police protection, public parks, water/sewer lines, power grid, internets, national defense, FDA-approved foods/drugs, labor laws, radio/broadcast spectrum, currency and education systems.

Thank you.

Comment Re:funny how everyone 'wants' your phone # (Score 5, Interesting) 185

I told Facebook to FO when they asked for my number too.

The better way to deal with such data-harvesting schemes is to fill it with plausible but junk data.

That serves two purposes:

  1. You don't stand out as a "problem"
  2. Finding and correcting said junk data becomes an impossible task if enough people do it.

So in the case of Facebook asking for your phone number, use the correct (or neighboring) area code and make up the other digits. Don't use 555-xxxx or Jenny's number as those are too easy to spot.

Of course, if you use two-factor authentication (which is a good idea to thwart the majority of crooks who happen to be unskilled/stupid), you'll have to provide your real number, or a working proxy.

Comment You're about 60 years too late (Score 4, Informative) 103

Long ago, if you didn't post a copyright notice on your work, it would lose copyright protection. That was changed by our brave congresscritters (may Sonny Bono rot in hell!)

Now copyright applied the moment the work is fixed.

Unless someone posts it Public Domain or one of the CC flavors, it is Copyrighted, period.*

*US only. YMMV, especially if you're a foreigner, living in some country where everyone speaks backwards, wears funny clothes and eats smelly food. Also, the music! Don't get me started.

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