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Comment Inconvenient Facts (Score 4, Insightful) 660

Want to cry in your soup?

For the middle class, real wages haven't risen since 1978. (chart). Of course the upper class has made out like gangbusters.

In other words, your buying power is the same as your Leisure Suit-wearing predecessors, whereas the rich have accumulated whole closets of never-been-used ivory-handled backscratchers.

Comment Um, yeah (Score 4, Insightful) 716

I put myself through college and ended up with ZERO debt. Yes, it was a pain and I ate a hell of a lot of ramen (and oranges, to prevent scurvy), but I not only got my degree, but gained much knowledge in fields outside of my major, which have surprisingly proven to be more valuable than my degree.

In my view, a degree in and of itself means nothing, except that hopefully a person is more well-rounded than some "self-made" person who has a very narrow vision of the world. Like unvaccinated people, people without lateral knowledge are bad for society. Without knowledge of history, sociology, literature, engineering, art, music, science, foreign languages, etc., those people will be little more than idiot-savants.

Comment My God (Score 1) 76

You wake up and find yourself chained up in a farmer's sex dungeon and he proceeds to sodomize you for 3 months until you finally die of an impaled rectum.

You describe perfectly what a seasoned, experienced developer feels like when he (or she) has to wade through a typical *MP "application" in order to fix and extend it.

Proof Cthulhu is real: *MP kiddies believe view logic is Best Logic.

Comment You must be a PHP "Professional" (Score 2) 161

Wow, Argument from incredulity on teh interwebs.

I've written rails apps that supported a very large newspaper's site, which got well over 15 MILLION pageviews per month. Never once did my apps stumble or crash.

Like anything else, you have to know what you're doing, boychik. Now go read pp 14-16 of the Pragmatic Programmer and learn a little.

Comment Re:1st! (Score 2) 205

They get $174,000 a year already. Seems to me that they make way too much.

I propose my new Bilateral Lowering Of Wages, Making Equality act: all representatives' salaries are immediately and permanently reduced to minimum wage ($15k/year).

This will...

a) save $70,000,000 of our taxes (to be used for, say, infrastructure) per year, and

b) since they're so happy to make others live at $15 large, they shouldn't have any problem making ends meet themselves.

I expect your full and unqualified support in bringing fiscal sanity back to Washington. Also, if you see Grover Norquist, tell him to stand closer to his razor for Dog's sake.

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