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Comment Re:Not really needed anymore. (Score 1) 410

Correlation is not causation.

I've had a similar experience, however I came to the conclusion that the races involved were irrelevant.

The underlying causes are socioeconomic and CULTURAL.

For example, one neighborhood I lived in for a few years differed from others in the following ways :

Loud all day and night-long birthday parties for very young children where the adults drink heavily and generate enough noise to be heard blocks away inside homes. Adult, grandfather-aged men urinating openly in the street, and watching teen-age boys removing street signage accent to their own homes without saying or doing anything about it. People not saying or doing anything about people lighting an oil fire in the middle of the street, just sitting on their porches watching it burn. People neglecting their pets, people keeping roosters and chickens in relatively high density residential properties not zoned for it, people renting-out storage buildings as residencies.

How are children going to study under such circumstances ? How are adults with decent jobs going to even be able to get enough sleep at night to preform the kind of work that requires skill and concentration necessary when you can not even get enough sleep ?

Poverty is a culture, and some cultural attitudes and expressions foster poverty, but that's a big elephant nobody wants to discuss. To do so is to openly invite being accused of harboring racist attitudes. All solutions that avoid admitting the underlying cause exist for one purpose and one purpose only - to exploit people based on their own bias and ignorance under a guise that hurts everyone.

Comment Great things are always happening. (Score 1) 292

For example, the revolutionary work on the human microbiome / microbiota has the potential to revolutionize modern medicine.

The world in on the verge of a global economic revolution, the old ideas and old politics are all that's really in the way.

Recognizing the obstetricals is just one step, figuring out how to get around them is the next. The things that make it possible for humans to discover intense interests in looking creatively and differently at how things are interconnected and interdependent are what matters.

If "science" seems to have stagnated, it's because we've created a situation where kids don't have the access to play with the really cool things they used to play with. Really cool chemistry sets, really cool model rockets, exciting and stimulating stuff that runs contrary to sitting with your face glued to a screen all damn day...

Comment Re:HSA plus catastrophic (Score 1) 723

So everybody should pay 16,500 a year in health insurance premiums ?

At some point people need to look at the system we have and recognize a rip-off when they see it.

It's not the greatest country in the world and our medical care isn't the best in the world. It's jsut the most expensive.

We're the stupidest country in the world because we accept it.

Comment Re:Easy fix (Score 1) 322

It isn't necessary to hold them to a higher standard.

Let's not muddy the issue here. The issue is that they are never held to any semblance of a similar standard as everyone else.

The other aspect of this issue that is not lost on me is the necessity and mechanisms of having a police force like the LAPD. Take a look at why and how it is it has operated the way it does for so long and why.

The degree of corruption any police force maintains within is directly proportional to the degree of corruption and lawlessness it is expected to attempt to control.

Comment Re:Abolish marriage solves the problem. (Score 1) 564

There is no singular "The Church" in this issue.

There are many churches that are happy and willing to wed same-sex couples, the core issue here is the little war between some churches holding dominion over others by using the government to prevent them from wedding same-sex couples.

This has always been a parallel issue of basic human rights of same-sex couples as well as the right of churches being free from the interference and dictates of other churches that use the government to do their dirty work for them.

And people in the US have always been free to wed in ceremonies that are not religious ceremonies, by government officials or lawyers and such. Churches never prevented this, so there's no grounds for them to claim any kind of authority over the government's right to define what a marriage is.

Comment What agenda is at work in this article ? (Score 1) 470

"By incorporating examples of pseudoscience into lectures, instructors can provide students with the tools needed to understand the difference between scientific and pseudoscientific or paranormal claims," say Rodney Schmaltz and Scott Lilienfeld."

You don't get it. People KNOW the difference. They just don't CARE.

And I don't see why anyone should be worried that "roughly one in three American adults believes in telepathy, ghosts, and extrasensory perception" or that "Roughly one in five believes in witches, astrology, clairvoyance, and communication with the dead." or that "Three quarters hold at least one of these beliefs, and a third has four distinct pseudoscientific beliefs."

Who cares ? "Science" isn't the be all end all to everything, people know that these beliefs are not "scientific". Something about this article and the work of the authors of the studies reeks of a kind of intellectual power-trip desperation.

If you do not thing science has a great deal of catching-up to do yet, and that at least a couple of these things of this list of concern are going to be elucidated eventually, you know nothing of the history or methodologies or biases inheritance in "science".

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