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Comment Re:I'd rather not be fired for my beliefs (Score 1) 824


He's the most public face of the company. He made his political/religious/moralistic political stand, now he has to suffer the scrutiny, like anybody else in his position.

He's failing to lead the company as a result of this stand, and trying to keep quiet about it now that the horse is out of the barn.

He gambled that people with his view would remain in the majority and that there would not be serious repercussions and a calling out for an explanation at some later point.

He was wrong, so now he's got all this scrutiny, which is what happens to CEO's.

The same sex marriage issue didn't turn out the way a lot of religious people thought it would as years went by, they thought that their religious views, and imposing them upon other churches and other religious people would somehow not come back to bit them in the ass. They love to make the issue out as being about some sort of PC police thing, and play the poor victimized Christian martyr. The reality is that other Christians and their churches have been and are just as much in disagreement with them. They tried to wield a power and authority that hurt people and their families and now they're crying about it. It's too bad, but they deserve the reactions they are getting now. If they'd shown a little compassion and deference and respect early ont hey wouldn't be in the position they've created for themselves.

They deserve it.

Comment Re:The double standard at work (Score 1) 824

I don't think you quite understand the role of government in relation to contracts, I mean, it's obviously the job of government to enforce the recognition and terms of contracts, so your entire argument right there is seriously falling short of coherency.

The Polygamy issue is irrelevant, as you can't really speak for "most gay people", or most Libertarians for that matter. The state does have a legitimate interest in designating marriage as between between only two individuals in so far as the state plays a crucial role in the recognition of the legitimacy and enforcement of contracts.

A real Libertarian would hardly fail to notice that the issue is just as much about the agenda of some Conservative Christians to dictate to other churches the right to wed same sex couples, as this has been the centerpiece of their little battle all along.

The right to utilize the state to dictate to other churches their religious beliefs and agendas has always been THE fundamental focus of the authority by which they base their arguments upon.

The authority of THEIR supposed biblical interpretation over everyone else's. And they are more than willing and feel more than compelled to get the state to do their dirty work for them.

So I'd argue that you (and perhaps most "Libertarians") are no more "Libertarian" than the average religious Fundamentalist is.

That you fail to comprehend the impact upon the basic human rights of same sex families being denied legal recognition of their marriages pretty much negates everything you have to say about Libertarianism.

Comment Everybody here talks about grant money (Score 1) 126

And the focus on that.

Because, like, "scientists" nowadays are really just over specialized technicians.

Once upon a time a scientist could build his own lab equipment, which meant he actually comprehended what the equipment he used was and did and exactly how it functioned, probably including the history of it's development.

The solution isn't to keep doing the same thing (groveling for grant money) that causes stagnation. That's the definition of insanity.

Comment Re:Jenny McCarthy (Score 1) 395

This is exactly why slashdottheads simply can not be trusted when it comes to anything medical.

Modded as "troll" ? For stating the facts about the polio vaccine ? Really ?

"Now if you argue that an unvaccinated child puts your vaccinated child at risk, aren't you whining that you don't believe the vaccine conferred immunity to your child?"

THIS, a thousand times THIS !

Comment Some amazing things have been recently discovered (Score 1) 63

By researchers studying the human microbiome.

What's fascinating to me about all this new information is watching how the medical community is going to integrate it. I mean, we now have proof that antibiotic use, microbicides, anti fungals, and so many modern medical and industrial methods have a long-term consequence that are very ugly and far-reaching.

Now watch as industry subverts and suppresses scientific discovery in order to ensure long term shareholders profits.

Comment If you look at the history of science and (Score 1) 279

technology funding in the US...

You can't help but be fascinated and confused.

I sincerely believe many problems like this would work themselves out over time if kids just had the kinds of access to chemistry sets and hands-on, practical science education they used to have, before industry and government increasingly "worked together" to "protect" everybody from themselves...

Comment Re:No they're not. (Score 1) 529

Thing is, antidepressants are not supposed to be administered without psychotherapy.

I'm not sure how you'd prove a patient was misdiagnosed with depression, and I find your assertion that people go see a psychologist/psychiatrist for a high laughable, there are MUCH better drugs to get high on than shitty antidepressants.

I hope that you don't work in the field, because you are a menace and a font of misinformation.

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