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Comment Re:Troll (Score 2) 794

Except that the placebo effect is well established science. If people need a treatment that is as effective as many pharmaceuticals on the market today, I'm not going to begrudge them access to them.

But I am going to question what agenda is at work when drug companies are given a pass for often doing the same thing...

Comment Re:last thing? (Score 1) 294

This is not a new drug, though, you're just buying into drug company PR.

You can get the same exact drug for a whole lot less, in doses that are significantly safer, that are not in the newly patented time-release form, which is simple to abuse and OD on, by just grinding up the very high dose capsules.

So no, this is not about a new necessary ER drug AT ALL. This is not about refusing people who need pain meds treatment. This is about PR and profit over lives, period.

Everybody here needs to look at the list of those 40+ organizations and stop being such fucking tools for big pharma. These are not organizations for the most part with an agenda to keep people in pain or facilitate a war on drugs. These are patient-oriented organizations doing their job -advocating for people who need safe meds.

Comment Re:Is the abuse problem really that big a deal? (Score 1) 294

Hydrocodone in this form is going to kill a lot of people, that's the issue here. When your per dose amount is high enough that it can easily kill by simply grinding up the capsule, that's a real problem.

At least adding acetaminophen to hydrocodone has some marginal positive impact, while rendering the hydrocodone relatively unusable. This form is going to just ratchet-up tolerance in people with severe addictions even higher.

What people don't seem to understand is that the lethal dose of a drug changes as your tolerance increases and an addict requires more and more of the drug. Simply making available a pure form of the drug so that they can ratchet that amount up high and higher so easily is going to kill a lot of people. How high do you want addicts to increase their consumption ? To twice the lethal dose it takes to kill someone that isn't taking the drug ? To ten times ? To twenty times ?

People seem to believe that the drugs themselves in their pure form are safe. This is not true and has never been true. It's insane to make it easy to supply people with enormous doses of relatively pure drugs so that they can continuously increase their dose to the point that they need to take a single dose that would kill ten drug naive people, and then pretend that living your life taking those doses isn't going to shorten your life significantly anyway.

The only people that want this are the drug companies that make a huge profit because they've managed to get a patent for doing basically nothing, and addicts. And stupid people that place some bullshit ideal above a comprehension of the reality.

Comment But Zohydro IS hydrocodone... (Score 1) 294

It is NOT a "new" drug, it is NOT "indicated for use as an as-needed analgesic." It's just time-released hydrocodone bitartrate.

The over 40 organizations requesting it's FDA approval being reconsidered are NOT organizations that are pro "war on drugs", these are patient-oriented advocacy groups for the most part.

A time-release version of hydrocodone bitartrate IS extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. It's ridiculously easy to abuse, to OD on, and is a very real hazard to the public.

People posting hare seem to think this is some revolutionary new drug - it simply is NOT. There is nothing "new" about this drug at all, except that it's hydrocodone bitartrate stuck into microspheres so that it's gradually released over 12 hours. That's it. That's all. So the entire dialogue here about the war on drugs and people not caring about pain management and all that garbage is entirely misplaced and irrelevant.

This is a well known schedule II drug in a new delivery form that required very little money to develop, and the bulk of funds spent to get it approved are PR related. Patient advocacy groups are pushing-back at this kind of parasitic behaviour by drug companies because it always results in more deaths and more ER visits.

I'm more than a bit shocked and dissapointed at the highly rated comments here, clearly slashdot is NOT the place where you're going to find well informed or even competent people talking about the insane antics of the drug companies, much less the organizations that oversee the FDA's abysmal failures and infiltration by people who's primary interest are profits, and NOT the patient...

Comment Re:Bad news for ecologists--new license needed (Score 1) 136

But he's a secret scientist, paid by public taxes. Hey, our politicians find excuses to avoid transparency, why shouldn't "science" do it too ?

People have no idea how much fraud goes on in the scientific community, it's nothing new, some people are ready to DO something about it now though, before they receive too much scrutiny. Which would be *really* bad for "science" as it stands now, because people int he US think of scientists the same way they think about medical people.

They put them on a mostly undeserved pedestal.

Comment More money for the contractors ! (Score 1) 506

Cut personnel, which you don't need right now if you don't plan to wage any constant wars for no real reason, other than create work for contractors, like we've been doing for over a decade, and continue to funnel money to contractors for neato projects inside the nation.

Like spying on the citizens and making sure there are enough detention camps and massive surveillance operations and restrictions of movement of the public so that if we try to exerciser any constitutional rights, we'll be constantly monitored by those x-military people that return and join federal and civilian law enforcement.

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