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Comment I've met many brilliant and innovated people (Score 2) 86

over the years. When a person gets wise to how things really work, how corrupt industry is, and how the media, industry and government takes everything and destroys it, they wise-up and simply drop-out.

True innovators don't care about making big corporations money, or being part of a system that is based on the lowest common denominators of greed and a warped form of self interest.

Big business wants to corrupt and brainwash kids, that's all this article is about. Creating an amoral class of dunces that can help prop-up the true entitled class of MBA's and polysci parasites that steal other people's brilliant work and market it as their own.

Comment Re:Only if unsuccessful (Score 1) 326

This is really funny, and really tragic, because it's true. But only to the extent that many people like to think of themselves as "scientists", because almost anyone that is a mere technician is lumped into that category.

The days of the scientist, the kind of person with the kinds of expansive skills and knowledge that enabled him to be able to build his own equipment, challenge and modify and present revolutionary paradigms, those days are over.

Because people are tools now for the bureaucratic and corporate elite. A technician is not a scientist. Most scientists are not scientists.

Comment Any way you shake it up (Score 1) 252

We are soooooo screwed.

In a REAL two (or more) party system, you'd have SOMEBODY screaming bloody murder over something like this.

The total absence of any alternate/dissenting voices should give us all pause.

The almost total silence of the media about this should be incentive enough to contact media professionals - from the local level all the way up - and demand they do their damn jobs.

The almost total lack of will to DO anything about it - well, THAT is the most disturbing and damning aspect of the situation.

When you accept the unacceptable by silence and inactivity, you get what you collectively deserve.

Comment I wish they gave out more. (Score 1) 1440

People don't take driving seriously enough in the US.

Every day I see a dozen or more people talking, texting, eating, reading, wandering across lanes, it's ridiculous how awful so many drivers are.

You're in a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds, you're risking people's lives and livelihoods.

Waiting for you to pay attention wastes everyone's time, not just the one person behind you; what you do on the road in traffic can affect dozens of people. In traffic your incompetence is amplified by other drivers incompetence.

Hang-up and DRIVE.

Comment This is a real boon for (Score 1) 202

the contractor corporations.

And all the skilled jobs they'll provide !

No doubt, it'll be expensive; money well spent, though.

After all, why would the taxpayers prefer more hospitals, educational funding, and social programs, when those funds can be spent building machines developed for the expressed sole purpose of killing people ?

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