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Comment Re:Only if unsuccessful (Score 1) 326

This is really funny, and really tragic, because it's true. But only to the extent that many people like to think of themselves as "scientists", because almost anyone that is a mere technician is lumped into that category.

The days of the scientist, the kind of person with the kinds of expansive skills and knowledge that enabled him to be able to build his own equipment, challenge and modify and present revolutionary paradigms, those days are over.

Because people are tools now for the bureaucratic and corporate elite. A technician is not a scientist. Most scientists are not scientists.

Comment Any way you shake it up (Score 1) 252

We are soooooo screwed.

In a REAL two (or more) party system, you'd have SOMEBODY screaming bloody murder over something like this.

The total absence of any alternate/dissenting voices should give us all pause.

The almost total silence of the media about this should be incentive enough to contact media professionals - from the local level all the way up - and demand they do their damn jobs.

The almost total lack of will to DO anything about it - well, THAT is the most disturbing and damning aspect of the situation.

When you accept the unacceptable by silence and inactivity, you get what you collectively deserve.

Comment I wish they gave out more. (Score 1) 1440

People don't take driving seriously enough in the US.

Every day I see a dozen or more people talking, texting, eating, reading, wandering across lanes, it's ridiculous how awful so many drivers are.

You're in a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds, you're risking people's lives and livelihoods.

Waiting for you to pay attention wastes everyone's time, not just the one person behind you; what you do on the road in traffic can affect dozens of people. In traffic your incompetence is amplified by other drivers incompetence.

Hang-up and DRIVE.

Comment This is a real boon for (Score 1) 202

the contractor corporations.

And all the skilled jobs they'll provide !

No doubt, it'll be expensive; money well spent, though.

After all, why would the taxpayers prefer more hospitals, educational funding, and social programs, when those funds can be spent building machines developed for the expressed sole purpose of killing people ?

Comment I have a different take on the whole mess... (Score 1) 1293

Sure, it's a political thing, the whole teaching of the ID "debate", but if there is a failing in the teaching of Evolution Theory, that failing is the WAY it's always been taught in public schools.

It really isn't until you go into college and are exposed to a variety of disciplines that the history of HOW Evolution is flushed-out, and it is a fascinating history, intertwined with the history of the era it was developed in.

A HS education is a very limited and skeletal education. Very rarely in HS are you exposed to the depth and breadth of how interrelated the development of scientific method is with the era and personalities it emerged within. In HS, so much of what you are taught is over-simplified and disconnected from the reality, is it any wonder people are prone to misunderstanding and fall prey to the need for their natural doubts borne out of simple ignorance to be assuaged ?

Political battles are ultimately social battles; manipulating people who lack the education and awareness of history are relatively easy to wage.

The solution is to teach more history, and how the process of discovery has brought us here from there. The best HS history classes I had where the classes we watched James Burke's "Connections" series.

You don't win a debate based on ignorance and faith by demanding more faith in science; you win it by simple education of human history, and by teaching people the difference between belief that's based more on tradition and assumption, vs. understanding based on simple discovery.

Making this entire thing out as a political battle and resorting to what amounts to scientism is just keeping it political, and keeping things polarized, and preventing the educational process from fulfilling it's potential.

Just stop it.

Comment It is interesting to me that so few geeks (Score 1) 112

Seem to have any education or interest in how the mind works, the nature of consciousness, or even basic psychology or philosophy.

I'm beginning to see now the downside of tech, how evil it really is. If you don't understand your own mind, or have any clue as to the nature of your own conscious or unconscious, what good are any of your opinions or perceptions ?

What really stuns me about this topic is how so many people seem unable to even use a search engine to look for information - maybe people need to get off their computers and go talk to a librarian. Or take some college level courses unrelated to tech. Once upon a time people strove to acquire and education that was well-rounded and inclusive. Seems to me that society is more controllable now because everyone is so ignorant outside their extremely narrow specialties.

Dreams are important ! Read some C.G.Jung for chrissakes people ! And ditch the phony "it should be empirically demonstrable" pseudo scientific double-talk, it just makes it obvious that you're just using big words you don't understand.

A wiki article is no substitute for reading a few dozen books. You've been dumbed-down.

Comment Re:No Surprise (Score 1) 174

I wasn't referring to Paul, I was going back before THAT mess.

Maybe we shouldn't be supporting a system that's based on who the media and money tell us is electable, eh ?

Maybe the people most qualified for the job are people who have no political affiliations at all.

How about we elected people that way we do jury duty. Put qualified people in there to serve the public interests for a change.

Comment Re:No Surprise (Score 1) 174

Ugh.. No, you don't get it.

Two fake "options" presented to you as "options" are still FAKE OPTIONS.

Here. You have the "choice" of drinking this beverage with cyanide OR this beverage with arsenic. Feel good in your "choice. Fight for it. Endlessly prattle about how the people who "chose" the one you didn't are idiots and wrong and stupid.

We had a chance to vote for a real alternative, and SOME people recognized that it WAS a real alternative, and not a choice between two fake options presented as the only way. Oh, but not enough people voted for it, and one of the two fake options won. The people that voted for the looser, predictably, had a little hissy fit that lasted years and blamed everything on people that had the audacity to not have their heads up their asses and vote for the only option that wasn't fake.

Those same people today are oh soooo passionate about their fake option party.

Then some rich people created a fake option party and called it "grassroots" and really fucked things up. So now we had THREE fake options, further confusing the masses of remarkably stupid partisan asshats, of which 90% of the public falls into the category of. How did they get away with this ? They managed it because the asshats int he two fake option parties have worked diligently together for years to weaken and destroy financial disclosure laws so that the public could know who is funding what political agenda. Because it that shit were made clear, the two fake option parties would be screwed, and a real grass roots option, like the one the asshats voted against years ago, would actually have a chance.

So now we have the same tired asshats making the same tired claim that there can't be an option outside the fake option system, because THEIR party of fake options is so much better than any other fake option, and that all options must be fake options.

Well, all I can say is, fuck all you partisan shitheads and your obvious fucking fake options. YOU are why the country sucks, YOU are why the system of voting for incrementally less evil has brought us here, and YOU and your three fake options simply can NOT be trusted.

Comment Re:No, he's wrong (Score 1) 148

It's worse than that.

If you've interacted with "journalists" you can hardly note their outright *contempt* for people. They do not listen, they'll attend events which they've arrived at late, and early early, before any open discussion period, which is where a great deal of truly remarkable information is expressed, and turn-around and write a hit-piece.

That contempt applies to almost everyone, tech people, any political issue outside a "journalists" narrow PC approval, medical issues, hell, even issue pertaining to how the elderly suddenly end-up dead with a broken neck the first night in an "extended care" facility after a successful surgery.

I don't know what it is that "journalists" actually DO, it certainly has nothing to do with anything that remotely involves anything "investigative" - as far as I can tell their primary purpose in life is to woo the status quo and avoid anything contrary that challenges the inevitable cognitive dissonance the rest of of who live int he real world experience and deal with on a daily basis.

THAT'S why print media is dead. The "journalists", for whatever reason they are behaving the way they do, have killed it, and they deserve to be out of jobs, and move-on to their real professions, like PR and political advisers.

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