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Comment There's been more research on friendly flora (Score 1) 212

the last few years, with good reason.

Medical intervention with antibiotics kills-off intestinal flora, and antibiotic levels in foods have risen over the last decade.

The surface area of the digestive tract is around the size of 2/3rds a tennis court. This is an interface that has barely been studied, and most of the immune system in the form of the lymphatic system nodes is down there.

It is a fact that fecal transplants have had a remarkable impact on the health of recipients that faced chronic illness. Once people get over all the potty humor and attempt some serious objectivity, it becomes very clear that intestinal flora is VERY significant.

This study calls into question some long held assumptions about diet, weight, and the additives we put in our foods. This is really just the beginning of a new era in medicine, hopefully big industry and special interests won't fuck it up too badly.

Comment Re:I call bullshit (Score 1) 607

I remember Decaln McAsshole years ago sent me a belligerent email when I pointed out to him that he was naive at best and a tool for the government at worst, by insisting that PCP was uncrackable byt he government.

Well, FU, Declan, you were wrong then, and you were a tool then, and you're a tool now.

And you screwed people who trusted your "technical expertise".

Comment Re:The NSA screwed themselves and everyone else (Score 1) 183

Dueling massive federally funded organizations is not the answer to the problem of corrupt and unchecked federally funded mega organizations.

The solution is to build transparency and independent monitoring into such organizations, and if that can not be accomplished, to at least properly protect whistle-blowers who point out when said organizations show contempt for the general public and The Constitution.

The solution to statist tyranny is not to create more of it.

Comment It's / . (Score 0) 164

An interesting topic once again turns into a pissing contest between the creationists and the anti-creationists.

Forgive me if I feel obligated to point out that neither camp is impartial enough to be trusted to talk intelligently about the subject at hand, much less make the truly fascinating and mysterious discoveries more accessible to the lay public.

Comment I can't beleive we haven't leveraged this yet (Score 1) 151

This is the third story in 10 years I've seen on building reflecting enough light to heat things up way past what people are happy with, why aren't we designing new buildings to leverage the thermal energy they reflect ?

Reflected light means less absorbed heat on the structure.

Reflected and directed light can be utilized for positive application.

When it's happening by accident, and nobody's figured out how to do it on purpose for a positive application, THAT tells me people are getting dumber and dumber.

Comment Like so many people who wiled the "progressive" (Score 1) 1255

moniker, she's all for an ideal that is currently unattainable, and offers nothing that remotely resembles a solution.

As others posters here have noted, changing the local systems is all but impossible. The apathy the majority of parents of school-age children have and the lack of support from them aside, the system, which got the way it is, thanks in part to the simple minded ideals Allison Benedikt is all for, have locked-out any chance of changing the simply awful public education system from within.

The lives destroyed by public education are innumerable, and mostly ignored by most of the people who were victims of that system. The few that recognize it and refuse to subject their children to it are now supposedly "evil" - the kind of language you'd expect from the religious extremists, I might point out.

I can count the good teachers I had in public school on one hand. I can count the effective ones that worked within that system in a single finger, and she was not a teacher, she was a LIBRARIAN.

If you are financially trapped into sending your kids to public school and upset about it - you SHOULD be ! And you should recognize the lack of commitment and apathy and participation of the other parents that feel the same way as THE SINGLE most contributing problem in reforming it.

Sending your children to an awful public school IS child abuse, and your kids may never forgive you for it; even if they turn out too damaged by the experience and stupid to even be able to articulate WHY !

Comment I have to laugh at this study (Score 1) 459

Because here in the US mortgage companies and loan companies have known about this for a LONG time. It's what they used to help crash the economy.

For example, a relative went to get a home loan. They talked details, percentages, payments. The loan officer gave them the documentation to sign. The documentation didn't match what the loan office told them - he was trying to pull a fast one.

Instead of talking it out with the corrupt loan officer, they simply walked out after rightly accusing him of fraud. The next morning HE WAS AT THEIR DOORSTEP with the corrected paperwork with the correct percentages for the correct loan they had discussed.

Contrast that with a close friend who went to take out a SMALL second mortgage to do come improvements on his property. He spoke to the loan officer, came to an agreement, and when he went in to sign the paperwork it was for a loan for 20K MORE than what they had agreed upon. My unfortunate and timid friend let himself be exploited by the scumbag, who told him it was either that or nothing. Yes, he was stupid, he didn't know any better, didn't realize it was just a scam, and believed the guy when he told him that he couldn't get a loan for a smaller amount from anybody.

So you see, this "research" isn't a huge breakthrough at all, it's something we've already knew, that's been used to exploit people for years, and no doubt will continue to be used that way.

Comment The problem is the government (Score 1) 555

is comprised of individuals that make bad decisions, and are not always motivated with the public's best interests in mind, sometimes are incompetent, sometimes just plain evil.

With a corporation, at least you get to know THE NAMES OF THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR DECISIONS.

With the government, people are AOK to just let it go as "the government did it".

Well, we need to know WHO is responsible within the organization that's made the decisions. They need to be under scrutiny, they need to be held accountable, and their names need to be spoken/reported. THOSE people should NOT have a right to relative anonymity. They work for US, not the other way around, which is the problem with government, and why people get pissed off and want to slash and burn it at every opportunity.

Journalism used to be comprised of people who actually did some investigative reporting. Now all we have is regurgitation, and a lot of unanswered questions, and a dumbed-down public.

Comment Re:Take MJ off schedule 1, please (Score 1) 526

NO ! GHB was occasionally used as a "date rape" drug, but DEFINITELY not anywhere NEAR as often as ALCOHOL ! ! !

GHB, when properly used, was making people healthy, happy, productive, and getting them off dangerous prescription medications !

The HUGE concern about GHB began, not when it was sold in health food stores and being used primarily by bodybuilders and people who were on to it's healthful applications; it was targeted because suddenly OLDER PEOPLE who had been on multiple prescription medications no longer NEEDED them !

Like ALL drugs, the backlash against their proper positive uses was fueled by a notoriously corrupt media with ties to big industry/advertisers, with an agenda and interest in intentionally misinforming the public and securing the created dependency on the crap that their advertisers peddle.

Yes, GHB was AWESOME for getting a good night's sleep. But that is just a tiny part of the reason GHB was absolutely BELOVED by people using it regularly, in carefully measured doses, to improve overall health.

People were feeling younger, their skin was softer, their outlook on life better, they were more self aware more muscular, more healthy.

And we musn't have THAT when we have toxic drugs and terror and fear to peddle !

Comment Re:Here's what holds ME back. (Score 1) 530

I responded to : "WTF? This doesn't even begin to make sense. First, your claim that taxes are an "inefficiency" is not rooted in any type of economic reality. Second, the idea that taxes don't go toward elimination of poverty is easily proven false (have you ever heard of welfare?!)" I guess I misread, you're absolutely right, shame on me.

Comment Re:Public school indoctrination? (Score 1) 530

People are too partisan to deal with the fact that their side isn't any less corrupt and in need of constant monitoring and aggressive demands for accountability as the other side.

Because, you know, if FEELS good to identify with THE RIGHT side, the side that appeals to them emotionally, despite the fact that both sides are screwing them.

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