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Comment Articles written by GM crop corporate shills (Score 1) 586

are so transparent.

The President signed into law what last weekend a bill that would hold Monsanto blameless when, not if, their products finally start killing people in an even more obvious manner.

Until I start hearing some of these GM proponents start talking about protecting the genetic diversity of what's alive now, everything from their lips is obvious lies, all lies.

Comment Re:"weed out the naysayers" (Score 1) 420

The examples you give do not have anything at all to do with "naysayer's", though. The two examples you give are of corrupt corporate environments where everyone was basically along for the artificially inflated (and arguably, criminal) ride as cogs in a machine that was doing wrong, but who cred so long as they were getting those paychecks ?

Your examples didn't need naysayer's; they needed aggressive, balls-to-the-wall, WHISTLE-BLOWERS.

Comment Re:Work is not a frat party (Score 1) 420

I read the article, and your remarks, and it is clear to me that you are not talking about the same types of people AT ALL.

Recognizing potential, and nurturing it, as opposed to projecting your own negative experiences that poison your own ability to be wildly successful as a manager is not a skill most managers posses. And it certainly is not a skill one can develop if one fails to even perceive that it is even possible TO develop it.

Comment When somebody tells me they're bored (Score 1) 126

They're wither a teen-ager, or a particularly boring person.

Some people don't allow themselves to BE bored, there's always something interesting, always some question to find an answer to, or some creative question to be asked to attempt to find an answer for.

Bored people are people who are basically stupid. With access to so many things you used to have to work so hard to have access to in the past, if you could discover and access those resources at all, boredom is now more of a red flag that you're more stupid and damaged than you are merely temporarily "bored"...

Comment Re:Unexplained Collapses??? (Score 1) 133

The sensitivity bees have to electrostatic energy, and the claims some people make of EMI sensitivity have no relation.

It HAS been documented that SOME people perceive things outside the radio-frequency spectrum that MOST people can not.

The assumption that some researcher somewhere will automatically instantly have the interest, and be able to secure the funding to study every natural anomaly, is based on naivete and ignorance.

And the phrase "please demonstrate it for science" is just ridiculous and childish.

Comment Re:Clean digital, please (Score 1) 166

It isn't about "a less-clean recording process" or improving it by means thereof.

Your understanding of analogue is seriously flawed; indeed, you can get "clipping" with any analogue signal.

There's more than "one good thing" about analogue recording - you just don't understand what analogue IS.

Tube amps do not necessarily distort, and an imitation of analogue distortion is just an imitation.

Everyone that rated your remarks highly are stunningly stupid. As opposed to ignorant. Ignorant people at least COULD potentially educate themselves. Stupid people CHOOSE to remain ignorant.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 375

The point is not to enable pulling people over.

The point is to make it possible to ticket people for wearing them when they're in an accident, and assigning the fault OF the accidents people will undoubtedly be IN while wearing the device.

And also to make it easier to investigate weather someone was wearing one DURING the accident or not, the way we're able to tell now with cell phones and texting.

Generally my attitude is that most new laws are a bad idea and a gratuitous waste of time and taxpayer money, primarily for lawmakers self-aggrandizement and re-elect-ability. In this instance, however, this is not necessarily the case. If you cause an accident wearing this stupid device, you should be found at fault, and you should have to pay, just like all the asshole cell phone users clogging-up the roads causing accidents and being a hazard should be fined and have to pay dearly for being such selfish, ignorant, hazardous douchebags.

Comment Re:I won't go to Pycon. (Score 1) 759

Politics is ugly and stupid, is all that I've taken out of the whole debacle.

Some dingbat using twitter managed to mess up her career and somebody else's over remarks that any intelligent person would regard as being silly and insignificant, at worst.

Also, employers tend towards being cowardly and stupid little tools. If you work for someone that's gonna fire you over something so trivial, what does that say about your employer and the state of employment in the US ?

Yeah, all this tech we have now, all this "social media" is such a huge boon and such remarkable "progress". It can be used to be productive, but overall, it's just another manifestation of how people waste time and jerk off and highlights the worst of what people are all about. Big surprise there !

Comment Piracy exists when you deserve to be pirated... (Score 1) 687

It's that simple. Make your business model and services and support so bullet proof and customer-oriented that piracy is pointless, and you won't have a problem with piracy.

Arguments that piracy is a popularity tax, piracy is just the cost of doing business, piracy is an inevitability, all these arguments are only a partial consideration.

Yes, SOME things will always have a degree of piracy, that's a given. Work with it, since it's a fact of life. Instead of making your product something that people feel morally compelled to pirate, create a product and service and support model that's comprehensive and unique enough that piracy of it is pointless. In other words, sell a product that isn't just a one dimensional product. Sell a product that has a future, that purchasing includes so many perks and so many benefits that only an idiot would pirate it.

You know, a modern business model that incorporates the best of the things of the past, like excellent customer service, reliability, genuine product support, and innovation.

This, as opposed to something shiny and destined to be completely obsolete within months/a year.

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