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Comment Re:Bitcoin mining? (Score 1) 89

"But the leading antiviral therapies allow most infected patients to live almost indefinitely while maintaining relatively high quality-of-life"

That's a pretty neat trick right there, I'm not aware of any drug which makes that possible !

Nothing about HIV makes any sense, outside of the political and financial aspect of it. That's the point.

Comment Re:Bitcoin mining? (Score 1) 89

You know, I keep hearing that HIV has "ravaged" all these places in Africa, based on WHO estimates of infection, yet when I look at the population growth numbers it just does not add-up.

I remember back in the 90's Oprah saying how HIV would impact straight America profoundly, yet none of that came true either.

If HIV is half the threat we've always been told it is, we should have seen some pretty serious widespread population impact by now. Obviously that never happened, is not going to ever happen, and what we've been told is not true.

But go ahead and keep ignoring the facts and keep repeating the bullshit, people that don't have HIV that draw a paycheck by inflating numbers and misleading the public and diverting resources are relying on it.

Comment Re:Bitcoin mining? (Score 1) 89

Given the extraordinary amounts of money dumped into HIV/AIDS research every year, for decades, the huge numbers of researchers involved globally, and the simply massive amount of published research, when you take it all in and look at it with a degree of curiosity and attempt to compare all this with other historically similar phenomenon...

Well, that's the problem. It's not really like anything else.

Sometimes what is needed isn't more people or money or research. Sometimes one is compelled to look at the reality and ask what is wrong with this picture, and if there needs to be an entirely new paradigm developed, because the results one would expect given the resources dumped into this one just are not there.

Comment Re:Will it last with 10yrs of continuous use? (Score 1) 142

That issue is somewhat muted by the reduction in voltage. Get down to 7nm, and you're talking .5 volt.

Smaller, more portable, more powerful, and overall significantly less expensive also means more readily available to replace and significantly more disposable.

The reduction in power ideally translates into a reduction of pollution/environmental impact. In theory.

Comment Re:So how is that going to work (Score 1) 188

There's no reason to be an asshole, he had at least one example where it's not infringing on anybody.

But that doesn't suit your agenda does it ?

Making owning something illegal based solely on your own fears about how it might be used, and on your own ignorance isn't something to be proud of.

Particularly in this case, where people who really want one will simply build one anyway. What you should be advocating for, but are not, because you're a totalitarian asshole, is proper regulation of the device, not making it outright illegal to even own.

People like you are why we don't have really cool chemistry sets anymore. I have to admit, I really hate people like you, you turn the world into shit.

Comment No tangible safety features of any kind (Score 1) 218

For 24K you can buy a decent, durable, safe vehicle that you can drive safely in all types of weather.

"The safety and the comfort of a car" is the kind of statement only someone "lit" could make with a straight face about this death-trap.

On the bright side, the more hipster douchbags that buy this piece of over-priced crap, and die as a result, the better.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 619

Urban people rarely are capable of factoring in the necessity of treating fairly the rest of the country.

Maybe if they'd pull their collective heads out of their asses and make public transit work properly in their own urban environments, and stop tying to force their poorly implemented urban non-solution on the rest of the country, they wouldn't be detested quite so much.

Comment Re:The actual appeal (Score 1) 240

Many people have an interest in older tech because it IS and will ALWAYS be relevant.

Sure, modern DSLR's are amazing and simple to use, and instantaneous. But what does using it teach you compared to being knowledgeable about the technology that made it possible and desirable in the first place ?

Schools that teach people how to DO and THINK are ahead of schools that only teach abstracts. And integrative, functional knowledge is always vastly superior to a purely abstract knowledge that has very little bearing in the real world.

Many people interested in vinyl are also interested in the motors, the analogue electronics, the physicality of actually being able to fully comprehend why and how the devices work, how to actually repair and maintain them, and where these devices fit historically.

Contrast this to someone who has no idea how anything works, and just disposes of their shiny new toys, and buys another after a year of using a tech which they only have a very rudimentary knowledge of.

Also, the physical art of making a print from film you shot yourself is a process that point, shoot, edit and print is very different from, yet similar enough that a student can learn a remarkable amount about history, technology, art, mathematics, and physics from.

A more integrated and functional education.

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