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Comment Re:Glass guy may have broken WA laws (Score 1) 845

That's the issue, isn't it ?

We're all supposed to just automatically trust that someone with a camera mounted to their glasses isn't recording us whenever we leave the house. After all, it's their right.

Myself, I welcome more glassholes creating conflicts like this one. The more ticked-off the public gets the better the chance that the general public will wake-up and start demanding their expectation to privacy be respected, the more likely people will start to decide that a state of constant surveillance, be it done by corporations OR the government, IS a police state.

I just hope all the dickhead convenience faschists are recognized for what they are, instead of accepted as a new normal.

Comment Re:Healthcare (Score 1) 356

"Free market" is just code for special interest monopolies that have bought representatives off.

Insurance is not healthcare. Healthcare in the US causes bankruptcies BECAUSE it's insurance-based.

The fake differences between the political parties owned by special interests in the US is the difference between Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Comment Re:It just keeps getting worse (Score 1) 415

We get it. Swear an oath to the oppressor, to hell with what's right and wrong, that oath is all that really matters. Even if when you swore it, in good faith, you were unaware just how much of an oppressor demanded that oath.

The government betrayed a whistleblower, and he took the only realistic options he had. What I see in you is an apologist of the worst kind for tyranny.

To whine about Wikileaks and Snowden trying to coerce a specific behaviour when the fucking President and his minions have already declared that you're a criminal to the nation is grievous bullshittery.

Comment Art brings it all together... (Score 1) 187

We teach everything as separate disciplines; is it any wonder kids fail to learn to see interrelationships and often loose interest when "education" is almost exclusively about abstract memorization, as opposed to a comprehensive *understanding* ?

If you want kids to excel in mathematics and chemistry, stop teaching it separate from history and music. If you want kids to have a future, stop gauging them exclusively by test scores based on flawed assumptions about education.

The arts are part of the history of the species, inseparable from how we developed, our technology, politics, and science. Teach these subjects they way they unfolded : together, inter-related, in a *sensible* way.

Comment This is about Amazon jobs (Score 2) 321

Not the job in a warehouse at some other company you had, years ago.

Comments here are lacking the details of this specific issue.

I know people who've worked for Amazon. The shifts are long, the breaks are useless because the walking to the break area eats up half your break time. The pay for the toll the job does doesn't compensate for the the physical wear on your body, and the job is a classic dead-end job.

And Amazon is a perfect example of an evil monopoly that got that way buy brutally undercutting competition to the point of putting them out of business. Accomplished by Amazon securing political favors and payoffs.

Instead of looking at Amazon policies, which are nothing to be proud of or an advocate of, people here are relating irrelevant experiences with this company. It's not the same thing. Look at where Amazon's major US facilities are, where there aren't any jobs and there's high unemployment in "right to work" states where workers are treated like shit, and disposable.

Then decide if you really want to do business with Amazon, or encourage your friends and relatives to do business with them. Amazon COULD make those jobs significantly less horrible, but there is no motivation to do so, because here in the US we make excuses for, and accept that workers are disposable and abuseable, and that executives "earn" their bloated salaries by doing so.

It's disgusting and it's everyone's fault for permitting it.

Comment Re:The U.S. government is hideously incompetent (Score 1) 156

Every example you've given has a real-world counter-example of where this extremism and remarkable faith in the absoluteness of the efficiency of these systems falls short. To put it very politely.

But you've conveniently omitted all that.

What I want to know is, why ?

People don't want to be told to shut the hell up, everything's fine, when it obviously isn't. And we don't need statist apologists constantly lying to us and pretending that everything's fine and that no other options can be implemented. All you've done here is prove that you have an agenda, and it's an ugly agenda that yields a very dystopic outcome.

Comment Great, just what we need... (Score 1) 722

As it currently stands in the US, drivers are already distracted enough, already careless enough, already lack the skill and seriousness that is reasonable when controlling a ~ 4,000lb vehicle.

So lets "solve" this uniquely American problem of what amounts to accepted incompetency by further removing the appropriate level of responsibility that is really merely the bare minimum.

Because technology solves every problem.

Look, you don't own the road, you're sharing it. You don't have a right to drive, a right to be a danger to me, a right to waste my time, a right to BE in your care and BE distracted in ANY way.

Hang up, STFU, and just DRIVE.

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