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Comment "Antimicrobial treatment" (Score 1) 149

IS the problem.

We're destroying the internal ecology we evolved with, and trying to develop drugs to treat symptoms that exacerbate the core problem.

Because modern medicine doesn't work. There have been no amazing new discoveries that translate into improving the lives of everybody for a long time now for a reason.

Comment "We were working secretly- For the military" (Score 1) 251

Our experiment in sound

Was nearly ready to begin

We only know in theory what we are doing

Music made for pleasure Music made to thrill

It was music we were making here until

They told us, all they wanted Was a sound that could kill someone From a distance, so we go ahead And the meters are over in the red

It's a mistake in the making

From the painful cries of mothers To the terrifying scream We recorded it and put it into our machine

Then they told us, all they wanted Was a sound that could kill someone From a distance, so we go ahead And the meters are over in the red

It's a mistake in the making

It could feel like falling in love It could feel so bad

But it could feel so good It could sing you to sleep

I'll bet my mum's gonna give me A little toy instrument

But that dream is your enemy

We won't be there to be blamed We won't be there to snitch I just pray that someone there Can hit the switch

But they told us, all they wanted Was a sound that could kill someone From a distance, so we go ahead And the meters are over in the red

It's a mistake we've made

And the public are warned to stay off ...

Comment People don't get it, FB owns your presence... (Score 1) 192

You agree to be owned by FB when you sue their services. You agree that everything you plug-into it is theirs to do with pretty much as they see fit.

If you don't like that, and only a fool would, stop using it. Just stop. Do you really need the internet heroin of the "like" button and pictures of kittens and ugly and banal memes to fill-up your days anyway ?

The only reason FB exists is because they've made so it easy for you to become addicted. You made the choice to get addicted to it. Stop crying about it and free yourself.

Nobody can free you but yourself. Not the government, not FB, not corporate America, not your religion, not your friends, not the political party you've aligned yourself to, none of these entities care about you or your freedom; they all seek to monetize you.

You're doing it to yourselves.

Comment Re:Just upload your encrypted data online (Score 1) 223

No. The only solution is to stop believing that the system even can work in an equitable manner, and that the public hasn't done this to themselves.

Yes, the politicians are guilty, I'm not arguing that they are not.

And yes, industry is hopelessly corrupt.

And yes, the government agencies are incompetent, lack transparency, and lack the oversight to weed-out incompetents and special interests.

However, this did not occur in a vacuum. People would rather remain anesthetized by the media, they'd rather watch "reality" tv than be educated.

They'd rather accept "news" from outlets that have a vested interest, not in actual reporting of important events, but in keeping you titillated and angry and in a state to keep buying the crap you do not need that is bad for you that keeps you stupid and accepting that YOU can't DO anything that matters.

Bitching about the government - THAT is SO old and tired. The problem is the culture.

Our culture is rotten to the core.

Comment There's been more research on friendly flora (Score 1) 212

the last few years, with good reason.

Medical intervention with antibiotics kills-off intestinal flora, and antibiotic levels in foods have risen over the last decade.

The surface area of the digestive tract is around the size of 2/3rds a tennis court. This is an interface that has barely been studied, and most of the immune system in the form of the lymphatic system nodes is down there.

It is a fact that fecal transplants have had a remarkable impact on the health of recipients that faced chronic illness. Once people get over all the potty humor and attempt some serious objectivity, it becomes very clear that intestinal flora is VERY significant.

This study calls into question some long held assumptions about diet, weight, and the additives we put in our foods. This is really just the beginning of a new era in medicine, hopefully big industry and special interests won't fuck it up too badly.

Comment Re:I call bullshit (Score 1) 607

I remember Decaln McAsshole years ago sent me a belligerent email when I pointed out to him that he was naive at best and a tool for the government at worst, by insisting that PCP was uncrackable byt he government.

Well, FU, Declan, you were wrong then, and you were a tool then, and you're a tool now.

And you screwed people who trusted your "technical expertise".

Comment Re:The NSA screwed themselves and everyone else (Score 1) 183

Dueling massive federally funded organizations is not the answer to the problem of corrupt and unchecked federally funded mega organizations.

The solution is to build transparency and independent monitoring into such organizations, and if that can not be accomplished, to at least properly protect whistle-blowers who point out when said organizations show contempt for the general public and The Constitution.

The solution to statist tyranny is not to create more of it.

Comment It's / . (Score 0) 164

An interesting topic once again turns into a pissing contest between the creationists and the anti-creationists.

Forgive me if I feel obligated to point out that neither camp is impartial enough to be trusted to talk intelligently about the subject at hand, much less make the truly fascinating and mysterious discoveries more accessible to the lay public.

Comment I can't beleive we haven't leveraged this yet (Score 1) 151

This is the third story in 10 years I've seen on building reflecting enough light to heat things up way past what people are happy with, why aren't we designing new buildings to leverage the thermal energy they reflect ?

Reflected light means less absorbed heat on the structure.

Reflected and directed light can be utilized for positive application.

When it's happening by accident, and nobody's figured out how to do it on purpose for a positive application, THAT tells me people are getting dumber and dumber.

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