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Comment Pattern recognition vs. a head full of shit. (Score 1) 206

To most people "education" is about memorization of disparate crap.

Smart people make connections and arrange data in a dynamic and efficient way. Stupid people just memorize. It's not hard to tell the difference, and not surprising that a mind full of garbage piled haphazardly fills up and overflows.

Easy answers are what advertising and entertainment is all about. Let's see a study that logs the relationship between people's immersion in garbage vs. people who actually have some comprehension of the interrelatedness of things.

Pretty sure you'll find that the way information is arranged is more significant than the volume of it.

Comment Re:Remember MCSE Bootcamps? (Score 1) 374

You have some points, but I'm not aware of the claim that these "boot camps" were telling people they were the equivalent of CS grads. So. Right there I have to call bullshit.

I have met plenty of CS grads that turn their noses up at the MS certs.

"Boot Camps" for MCSE's existed for the purpose of getting people to pass the MS cert exams through Sylvan testing in a relatively short period of time. If you didn't have the background and experience to enter into a two week program for 10-15K, then there was nobody to blame but yourself.

This isn't a "Libertarian" vs. whatever dipshit idealist thing at all.

Now, the issue of the state regulating institutions is really a separate issue. MCSE boot camps were never represented in any way as institutions. We do, however, have scads of fake commercial "Universities" constantly advertising and suckering in people they straddle with debt that don't get regulated by the state at all, and really offer very little of use. So for the state to so utterly fail to protect the public in that regard seems to me a very real failing.

Real Universities will take people's money regardless of if you can pass courses or secure employment, so in a very real way it all seems pretty questionable to me, and making the whole thing out to be a horse shit "Libertarian" vs. whatever moronic other thing you think you are is just a huge distraction. The system is broken, and retards are not going to fix it.

Comment Why I hate SF (Score 1) 692

Public transit in SF just plain sucks.

It sucks because the public puts up with it sucking.

When someone tries to get employees to and from work efficiently with their own busses, their employees get harassed by SF "activists" (code for people on various form of mental/physical disability who are more often than not merely junkies, who choose not to work).

That's all, nothing new about SF to see here, unless you've a great deal vested in deluding yourself.

Comment When she talks (Score 1) 510

I just don't see how anyone can continue to adhere to the same tired partisan political blathering that passes for intelligent political discourse.

Neither party cares about the public, the constitution, privacy, or anything except for the money being funneled mostly secretly by lobbyists and special interest groups.

The Coup d'état against the US people wasn't broadcast by the US media.

Comment Re:As wasted as that idiotic Irish luddite (Score 1) 335

Education is the most important investment any nation can make. Democracies that have implemented this don't have the same extreme examples as the ones that have refused to.

Democracy without a well educated public is better than a backwards totalitarian regime, yet remains similar enough to one that to ignore it and refuse to act on the awareness is the real problem of our age.

Nobody wants to address the underlying problems, so nothing gets resolved. It's in the best interest of many of the exterme wealthy to keep it this way.

Comment All this tells me is that they want desperately (Score 1) 573

to legitimize the ability Congress has granted these organizations to make anyone they want to disappear without a trace or recourse.

The seven major corporations that own virtually all US media have their talking heads in place constantly telling the public "Snowden baaaad".

The vast majority of our cowardly and essentially useless whore elected officials are silent on the subject of the police state in which we now reside.

Is this the USA or the USSR ? I really can't tell the difference. Ahh, right, we have MUCH better PR.

Comment It serves a purpose to blame parents (Score 1) 271

It distracts from the very real issues.

People have become more insular because of the tech that was supposed to make interaction easier.

Check out what goes on with teens, check out sites like chatroulette for instance. I'd argue that today's teens and twenty-somethings are more socially retarded than ever. And addicted to the high that relative anonymity and the dis-inhibition they experience on-line.

Not to mention games where you go around shooting hookers in strip clubs. I mean, come on. There isn't going to be a consequence to all this ? Really ?

Blaming parents is easy. Admitting that society has a long ways to go to catch up to tech, and making an honest effort to identify how and why is some work. And we all have a great deal of work to do. Kids shouldn't be as insulated from the real world and human interaction as they are now. It's not healthy for them or for society as a whole. And replacing real world interaction with something that is arguably psychotic like social networking is just crazy. And profitable. Let's put some of the blame where it belongs.

Corporations are people that don't give a fuck about your kids mental health or social development.

Comment Amnesty is insulting. (Score 1) 383

Whistleblowers get immunity and awards, not amnesty.

We have a criminal class ruling the USA. We need to stop dancing around the reality and begin to deal with it. Just because this class has a great PR machine doesn't mean they should get away with conning the US public indefinitely.

As compartmentalized as the NSA is, SOMEBODY is responsible. Precisely who is, and should be tried for treason nobody seems to want to talk about. I supposed we could start with the entire Congress...

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