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Comment It serves a purpose to blame parents (Score 1) 271

It distracts from the very real issues.

People have become more insular because of the tech that was supposed to make interaction easier.

Check out what goes on with teens, check out sites like chatroulette for instance. I'd argue that today's teens and twenty-somethings are more socially retarded than ever. And addicted to the high that relative anonymity and the dis-inhibition they experience on-line.

Not to mention games where you go around shooting hookers in strip clubs. I mean, come on. There isn't going to be a consequence to all this ? Really ?

Blaming parents is easy. Admitting that society has a long ways to go to catch up to tech, and making an honest effort to identify how and why is some work. And we all have a great deal of work to do. Kids shouldn't be as insulated from the real world and human interaction as they are now. It's not healthy for them or for society as a whole. And replacing real world interaction with something that is arguably psychotic like social networking is just crazy. And profitable. Let's put some of the blame where it belongs.

Corporations are people that don't give a fuck about your kids mental health or social development.

Comment Amnesty is insulting. (Score 1) 383

Whistleblowers get immunity and awards, not amnesty.

We have a criminal class ruling the USA. We need to stop dancing around the reality and begin to deal with it. Just because this class has a great PR machine doesn't mean they should get away with conning the US public indefinitely.

As compartmentalized as the NSA is, SOMEBODY is responsible. Precisely who is, and should be tried for treason nobody seems to want to talk about. I supposed we could start with the entire Congress...

Comment Re:Meh, no surprise (Score 1) 293

I don't believe that everyone being held is guilty.

I also believe that anyone that makes excuses for such a system that lacks checks and balances and oversight, like yourself, is as much, if not a significantly greater threat to my liberty, and should be locked up with the other assumed and presumed "terrorists".


Comment Re:Type-1 Diabetic Here (Score 1) 670

"Type-1 diabetics, can eat any and all foods, but they have to be cognizant of the effect and impact. There is a difference between cannot, and should be cognizant of the side effects."

This is only partially true. Elimination of all foods that cause radical impact IS a viable solution. Foods that do not cause the spike are foods that do not cause the weight to be packed on. Complete elimination of them is really the ONLY solution. And they tend to be foods that many athletes eliminate, so it can, and is done successfully .

We all have to deal with remarks from unkind people who simply don't understand, and lack experience. The line we have to personally draw is when we deceive ourselves. You don't need empty platitudes, I agree, nobody does. What people need is to seek out the people who have actually been where you are and come back from it. What they discovered is that the entire medical approach of "you can eat anything anyone else does, just be cognoscente of it's impact" is seriously flawed, it isn't helpful or true, not if you want to have optimal health.

Those foods are poison to people with a particular metabolic reaction to them. They must be eliminated entirely and replaced with foods that are neutral or have a positive impact.

There are people all over the internet that have accomplished it, they aren't difficult to find, but their conclusions are difficult to accept when the medical establishment is determined to keep people perpetual patients, and patients are unwilling to make the necessary changes.

You, and people with similar conditions, need support and positive approaches, and I'm here to tell you, it IS out there if you just look for it and ignore the others that don't really care.

Comment "New Research" (Score 1) 97

Jesus, I hope we weren't on the line to pay for this "research".

Go to a new city. Just ride public transit for a few months. Then get a car.

Happened to me. The public transit routes were absolutely USELESS so far as knowing the city. They're designed that way, for economic reasons. Not laid-out so that you actually know how to get anywhere by any other method.

Comment Re:False recovered memories. (Score 1) 670

Nice troll comment.

No. People do not see a psychologist for the rest of their lives. They see a psychologist to find a means to handle their issues, and then get on with their lives.

The real dependency is the absurd belief that taking the latest pill that was only tested under controlled circumstances, which for most people will never be replicated when it is prescribed en mass, is going to be remotely similar.

The real dependency is the BULLSHIT belief that seeing a psychologist means you're a patient for life - THAT TROLL assertion is groundless and absurd.

Now go take your pills, which will "work" for a few months, then stop "working", and then take ANOTHER pill, which will "work" for a few months, then stop "working", and accept that you're a "patient" for the rest of your life, with a bona fide "medical condition".

Delusional, anonymous asshole troll.

Comment Re: No, they don't work (Score 1) 670

Poverty and the exploitation OF the poor.

Cheap shit "food" that makes you fat and constantly craving more of it.

Vs. Good, healthy food, and the time to properly prepare it and have some sort of relationship with exactly what it is you shove into your face, and having some degree of AWARENESS how it makes you feel and what it is doing TO you.

Poor people holding down shit jobs, trying to raise kids, tired all the time, no time to make really good meals or to shop for and be able to buy good food stressed out - a recipe for bad health.

Not that there aren't plenty of unhealthy wealthy people, too. Nutritional poverty in America cuts across class and makes us ALL the poorer, because it's a unsustainable and expensive unhealthy way of (corporate controlled) life.

Comment Re:Here's another thing that works: (Score 1) 670

People under emphasize the addictive properties of so much of what passes for "food" in our culture, which is primarily a PR/corporate advertised culture.

Counting carbs is such a huge fallacy. It's how your specific metabolism handles a specific "food" that matters. Some people don't have any real issue with cheap shit "foods" high in carbs, or at least they don't pack on the pounds of fat when they eat them. Other people should NEVER eat the same stuff. Try taking away someone's pizza or whole wheat whatever, much less their favorite crap "foods", and you'd think you suggested drowning a baby.

It's easy to make crap because crap is generally cheap and convenient. Food is just something to shove into your face and enjoy, not something you've got any kind of intimate relationship with, spending time to prepare and understand how it impacts you personally.

Carbs are only part of the problem; look at all the soybean oil and other cheap shit oils in "food". The body processes oils/fats differently than carbs, differently than proteins. Look at all the stuff with soybean oil in it. Granted, most of it's full of carbs and sugar and crap people shouldn't be eating anyway, but it just goes to show how 90% of the garbage marketed to us as "food" is crap.

The people who cry the loudest that they are persecuted for being obese are very rarely people who have any kind of healthy relationship with their food. They buy a lot of convenient, cheap crap, shoot it up, get high, crash, and start the whole cycle over again. This is their "normal", and it's what the US food industry thrives on.

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