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Comment Re:It's easier to push water than to pull it. (Score 1) 159

I'd also point out that it's shocking how little so many of these federal employees know about anything. Forest rangers at Stanislaus, for instance, will tell you that roads do not exist, that the (horrible) maps they have for sale are the only routes, and when you ask them the names of specific landmarks, they have absolutely no clue. I spent quite a bit of time in the area a few years back, and learned quickly to avoid at all costs all forest rangers. They're absolutely misinformative, arrogant, rude, and incompetent. I'm not talking about dirt roads, either; I'm talking about paved county roads within their jurisdictions. They'd deny roads existed, lie about weather a road was paved or not, and just generally be remarkable obstacles.

Comment Something that's half true, is only half true. (Score 1) 625

I see this kind of "reasoning" all the time, it's really a hallmark of propaganda.

Drug companies want to make expensive products that they can make enormous profits from. They don't CARE about quality of life issues or longevity AT ALL, and neither does most of the "medical" establishment, which is essentially owned by the drug companies. Throw in the parasitic US insurance industry, and all delusions of anything that resembles efficiency goes out the window.

Look, how many people on the planet is too much/enough ? It's insane to keep up the crazy pace of explosive population growth and at the same time not expect some sort of global catastrophe.

There ARE drugs, nutritional options, and lifestyle choices that indisputably slow/reverse ageing - to an extent. The drugs, for the most part, you are NOT going to have access to within the US medical care system, since by far most of them are not huge profit-makers, and to be frank, most American physicians are so incompetent that they don't even KNOW about them. There are a dozen safe, inexpensive drugs which slow/reverse ageing I can name off the top of my head that you can't get through the US medical system. With some rudimentary digging I could probably list over 50. Your doctor is NEVER going to talk about them with you, much less prescribe them, and I have zero interest in talking about them because it's essentially a crime to do so.

We put doctors on a bullshit pedestal in this country. They are NOT, for the most part, brilliant or "humanitarian" in ANY way; they've gone to an overpriced trade school, for Christ's sakes. They get the bulk of their information from industry. They make most of their money not from offering competent services, but from peddling crap you do not need.

The FDA is NOT your friend, has not done their job for DECADES, and is hopelessly corrupt.

Industry and the media do NOT encourage you to make lifestyle choices that are healthy, because it cuts into their advertisers bottom line.

The dream of a world with a massive population of healthy, productive elderly people is pure fantasy, and a deadly fantasy at that.

Comment I'm glad there's a mirror. (Score 1) 403

And that he left this record for the world.

Of particular interest to me is the "Living Donor" section of the mirrored site. I hope people will read it and start asking some hard questions of the people responsible for our organ donation system. It's broken and needs to be fixed.

There's a lot on the site. This was a person that was trying to do some good at the end of his life - I respect that. I respect him.

Comment I'm sorry (Score 1) 496

That none of the people responsible for the national security infrastructure of the military will ever be held accountable for creating a situation where such a low-ranking soldier would have enough access that he could see how rotten to the core our country is and feel compelled to assume the role of whistle-blower.

I'm also sorry that so many people think what he did warrants some sort of punishment, letting all the hoards of douchebags off the hook for their responsibilities, all the way up to, and including the President.

I'm sorry the cowardly US media has ignored the international criminal activities exposed by the leak, and continued leaks, and that people are too deluded with nationalism and patriotism to even question for a moment the false authority and hubris our government is obviously guilty of, not to mention the sheer unconstitutionality of it all.

But mostly I'm sorry that they drugged Manning up and tortured him for a protracted period for the specific goal of getting him to apologize publicly. It's disgusting, and yet another example of the rampant corruption that this nation is now entirely based on.

Comment I've experienced it both ways. (Score 1) 892

Given notice, and been escorted out, despite having been practically loved by the entire department.

Given notice, been asked to stay two months, stayed, and regretted it because of the unreasonable work load added, and the stress involved, with no real compensation.

Just outright quit and walked-out, because the company had a rep for escorting people out that gave notice, so screw them, I needed two months off just to recover from having worked for them for two years anyway.

Didn't give notice, but took another full-time job in another industry entirely, without telling either employer, and it worked out awesome despite the stress, because the first employer went into Chapter 11 not a month later, and when they did, EVERYBODY just quit, rendering staying mote.

Started my own company, gave notice, was asked to stay longer, asked for some incentive to stay the period they requested (4 months), they refused to negotiate at all, I offered 4 weeks instead, and was locked-out without notice the very next day. Which only bothered me because of the commute that day to a non-existent job, which turned out really cool because I picked-up a new client in the same complex as I sat in a coffee shop there and overheard some guys talking about needing help NOW and not knowing where to turn.

One job I had for 6 months I quit over the phone after a 4 day cooling off period after the employer attempted to get me to sign a document assuming responsibility for a criminal incident that happened at a college campus facility my only involvement with was to daily pick up paperwork. They actually fabricated documents to make it look like I was the on-duty supervisor there, and when I went out in the car and produced MY copies of MY daily paperwork, which I kept, which they'd forgot they gave me permission to have, they backed-down. At that point, though, I knew I was dealing with a company that was basically a criminal organization - oddly enough they were a bay area security company !

In every situation I was genuinely nice (with an effort), despite often wanting to cuss. But I've been working since I was 15, and had a lot of time to watch and listen.

Comment Re:It's a cult, plain and simple. But not all bad. (Score 1) 330

It's OK for people that accept the AA "higher power" and "you are helpless" thing, and really needs the social opiate to replace their integrity and independence.

I think the resistance to AA you see from people has more to do with them being acutely aware that going down THAT road would be disastrous FOR THEM.

And it HAS been disastrous and destructive for MANY people.

My problem with this AA advertising piece masquerading as "science" is that ANY real line of scientific inquiry makes an honest attempt to DISPROVE IT'S OWN HYPOTHESIS AND PRESUMPTIONS.

That's how you can ALWAYS tell if something is real, honest, scientific inquiry, or just another crappy PR piece written by people with ZERO integrity.

Cults are great for people that are never going to amount to anything anyway, it gets them out of everyone else's hair. If you need that sort of thing, and accept that you're just a disposable cog in a little machine, have at it.

Comment We did this to ourselves. (Score 1) 771

We did it by using gmail instead of using end to end encryption, which in retrospect was absolutely insane.

We did it by voting partisan, by falling for the whole, partisan politics, fake, "lesser of two evils" scam.

We did it by sitting back as the use of security tools to do our jobs became, in the eyes of our government, impetus to surreptitiously monitor us, and became criminalized.

We did it by continuing to patronize companies that cave to unconstitutionally and illegally yield to secret warrants.

And now we're too far into it to do much about it, but try and calmly make excuses for what's happened, least we come off as some sort of whackjob conspiracy theorists.

We did it to ourselves by valuing money, our careers, our own personal security, over our freedom, over our privacy. We've gone to great lengths to redefine what freedom and privacy in the Electronic Age IS. Because, you know, things are so much better now because of the tech we love so much.

We are living in very interesting times, indeed.

Comment The problem IS "new" drugs ! (Score 1) 160

Look, we already have so many drugs that have been used for so long, and RESPONSIBLE researcher will tell you that MOST "new" drugs are unnecessary and dangerous, and developed primarily for the purpose of making corporate wealth.

The system is broken to the core, and open sourcing it like this is probably the only thing that will mitigate that third leading cause of death in the US. (Doctors treating you with new drugs they get a kickback on).

There are drugs that have fallen into disuse that are effective, well established, and so inexpensive that Big Pharma has no desire to make them anymore, because they do not yield the OBSCENE PROFITS for the shareholders.

The entire system is based on fraud and lies and deception. Taking a known drug that's come off patent and fucking around with it a little so that you can claim it's novel enough to repatent and charge the public up the ass for is great strategy for the stockholders, but it KILLS people at worse, and rips them off when they could take something generic and established at best.

Hell, BY FAR most drugs people take in the US are prescribed because people didn't take care of themselves to begin with.

I don't believe corporatism/capitalism/wahtever you're calling it today is inherently evil; just that our version of it clearly IS.

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