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Comment We did this to ourselves. (Score 1) 771

We did it by using gmail instead of using end to end encryption, which in retrospect was absolutely insane.

We did it by voting partisan, by falling for the whole, partisan politics, fake, "lesser of two evils" scam.

We did it by sitting back as the use of security tools to do our jobs became, in the eyes of our government, impetus to surreptitiously monitor us, and became criminalized.

We did it by continuing to patronize companies that cave to unconstitutionally and illegally yield to secret warrants.

And now we're too far into it to do much about it, but try and calmly make excuses for what's happened, least we come off as some sort of whackjob conspiracy theorists.

We did it to ourselves by valuing money, our careers, our own personal security, over our freedom, over our privacy. We've gone to great lengths to redefine what freedom and privacy in the Electronic Age IS. Because, you know, things are so much better now because of the tech we love so much.

We are living in very interesting times, indeed.

Comment The problem IS "new" drugs ! (Score 1) 160

Look, we already have so many drugs that have been used for so long, and RESPONSIBLE researcher will tell you that MOST "new" drugs are unnecessary and dangerous, and developed primarily for the purpose of making corporate wealth.

The system is broken to the core, and open sourcing it like this is probably the only thing that will mitigate that third leading cause of death in the US. (Doctors treating you with new drugs they get a kickback on).

There are drugs that have fallen into disuse that are effective, well established, and so inexpensive that Big Pharma has no desire to make them anymore, because they do not yield the OBSCENE PROFITS for the shareholders.

The entire system is based on fraud and lies and deception. Taking a known drug that's come off patent and fucking around with it a little so that you can claim it's novel enough to repatent and charge the public up the ass for is great strategy for the stockholders, but it KILLS people at worse, and rips them off when they could take something generic and established at best.

Hell, BY FAR most drugs people take in the US are prescribed because people didn't take care of themselves to begin with.

I don't believe corporatism/capitalism/wahtever you're calling it today is inherently evil; just that our version of it clearly IS.

Comment If you never heard of them (Score 1) 187

You must have been living under a rock for 15 years.

Their stuff was cheap crap, roughly half of everything I bought from them was broken or defective.

I stopped buying anything from them about 5 years back once I realized that spending twice as much on an item that actually works as advertised is waaay smarter than spending half on something that's busted or useless because it isn't what they claimed it was.

They can blame amazon all they want, but the last straw was that new vid card I ordered that arrived in a torn esd bag in an open box inside the shipping box, and their total lack of responsiveness when I informed them.

So no, I'm not shedding tears for geeks, their business model devolved over the years, and they simply couldn't compete. I suspect the real reasons they're closing have more to do with consumer saturation. I have a box in the closet of cheap busted geeks.com shit as a remider to be waaay more skeptical of online "deals". After all, how much cheap disposable busted electronic crap do YOU need ?

Comment Re: We Never Learn (Score 1) 225

AND they were living in an era of significant technological change coupled with profound economic hardship...

They had also suffered marked injured national pride, having lost the previous war.

The similarities and differences are fascinating, if one bothers to carefully and impartially consider them.

What's going to happen ? Probably the same kinds of things that always happen here. People don't care about such lofty things like privacy rights and real freedom. What they want is bread and circuses. The real work is always left to those who see where it's going to go if they don't DO something about it. And sitting on the internet whining is probably the best gift you could give our real oppressors, wrapped in the flag and nosing around our private correspondence, looking for something to justify their government paychecks, and the unchecked power they enjoy.

Comment I have no problem with anonymous sources (Score 1) 330

being used as the basis of a "news" article.

What I have a problem with is the assumption that just because a "source" is "anonymous", it's assumed credible. We should be more concerned with proper disclosure, not with treating the continued circumvention of disclosure as some sort of worthy goal...

Comment Re:Not just fashion (Score 1) 533

What a boring future world it will be then, with giga-terabites of recordings of people picking their noses and using the bathroom.

It's stupid to think that is some new normal. Yeah, there's a change, it's that some people are so boring and stupid that they think living life is the same as walking around recording it. Your bullshit "reality" is nothing more than "reality" tv, which is neither reality nor interesting.

Comment Articles written by GM crop corporate shills (Score 1) 586

are so transparent.

The President signed into law what last weekend a bill that would hold Monsanto blameless when, not if, their products finally start killing people in an even more obvious manner.

Until I start hearing some of these GM proponents start talking about protecting the genetic diversity of what's alive now, everything from their lips is obvious lies, all lies.

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