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Comment Re:Volume and newest titles vs boutique (Score 1) 547

Actually, depending on how much floor space your friend has he can open a coffee shop first. Then add a Red Box or similar DVD rental kiosks. Maybe add other types of kiosks too thus forcing people to come in. With the volume of folks coming in your coffee shop can make some good money Another thing that can be added is kids stuff like book reading, movie watching sessions and the likes. Reinvention is necessary to keep up with the times.

Comment Re:I'd never thought of that before (Score 2) 107

Anybody working with classified info won't be allowed anywhere near these things.

But they also have lives... they might have cool toys at home like these headsets for playing video games...

shouldn't we be looking at ways to really build secure software around these devices rather than prevent people from using them...

it is a defeatist attitude where software folks instead of fixing their software say don't use it...

Comment Bright Computing Cluster Manager (Score 2, Informative) 113

A couple of weeks ago there was this company called Bright Computing, that was pitching their software called Cluster Manager, which looked very cool as they had an excellent interface and could keep track of everything from machines, to routers, switches, power usage etc. Something to look into.

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