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Comment Re:Oblig Brian O'Nolan reference (Score 2) 127

Living in the west of Ireland myself (Galway), I can tell you that is not true. I've never even heard of that improbably named gentleman who you claim is "one of Ireland's greatest humorous writers and a great student of the Irish language". (An unlikely name as in Irish, n never goes before c, also double-e would be an i "fada")

Maybe he markets himself to americans as such to part you from your hard-earned. Who knows.

A lot of Irish (and especially English, e.g. John Cleese, Sharon Osbourne etc) make a living in America by pandering to long held ethnic stereotypes that Americans fully believe in. This guy, assuming he is actually Irish, is just doing likewise. When you challenge the cherished and stereotypical view of the world that Americans hold dear, Americans get confused, resentful and angry.

Hope you've learned something today.

Comment Interesting framing of the argument (Score 2) 285

They make it seem like its helping the US vs the rest of the world. Much like the loftily titled "The Patriot Act!!!", how could that possibly be bad?
FTA: "In some circumstances, this information allows competitors to design around U.S. technologies and seize markets before the U.S. inventor is able to raise financing and secure a market"

In reality it will be used to stifle commentary of the sheer ridiculousness of the current patent system.

Comment Re:Sorry to rain on Apples parade n all but... (Score 2, Insightful) 293

It may well have changed living rooms, but it did not cause a revolution, which is what this sd post is about. It was late, crippled, under powered. The fact that it can show netflix movies is not revolutionary. My dogs water bowl can show netflix movies. As for dropping the cable company, many have done likewise but not necessarily because of apple.

Comment Re:Sorry to rain on Apples parade n all but... (Score 2, Informative) 293

Sorry to piss on your corn flakes but,

iPad - not living room specific - did not cause a living room revolution. There were laptops and tablets in the living room long before the ipad.

Apple TV.....Really?......REALLY? a crippled late-to-tha-game almost-abandoned video streamer box is a revolution?

Fan much?

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