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Comment Re:gone (Score 1) 1093

ARRRGH! Brain melting!

You state three requirements to get you to 'believe' in global warming. The first is the existence of anthropogenic global climate change. You are, quite simply, wrong in thinking that this must be proven to exist.

I see you do not contend that the world is cooling, or staying the same temperature. I'll also assume you think the world is heating. There is, in fact, good evidence for this - Mars and Jupiter's temperature have gone up since we started shooting probes out there in the 70s. So let's just all agree that the earth, and the entire solar system is heating. (yes, sun, I am disappoint.)

Well, alright, we agree that the earth is heating, so I guess now we've got to prove that it's a bad thing. Would you like to tell me how any 'educated' guess about the future can be 'supported'? Face it, there are 100s of climate models running on computers around the world, and they all say that, yeah, CO2 will lead to sea level rise, and Bangladesh is screwed. End of story.

I'm not disagreeing with you that we should switch to nuclear (and solar, and wind...) power, but what you are doing by questioning anthropogenic global climate change does the entire world a disservice. Climate change has the ability to fuck up our grand kid's lives, and we need to do something about it, regardless if we (humans) caused this climate change or not.

I'd just like to add that people who do not understand the Carbon cycle are idiots. Taxing cow farts? Where does the Carbon in cow farts come from. grass? Wow, nice little closed cycle there. The reason we've (presumably) been screwing ourselves over is the digging up and burning of fossil fuels, and that's about it.

Comment Something caused your boss to demand this... (Score 1) 1019

The most probable cause of this new policy is meddling by one of the sales/administration drones. They can't have an iPod, why should you?

You've got two choices: Sit there and take it like a man, or start meddling with the drones. Wait a month or so before you start meddling with the drones.

Eventually, morale at your business will be zero. You will have the insight that one should mind their own business, and hopefully someone else will, too.

Comment Re:Lack of redundancy (Score 1) 407

>>-81 isn't anywhere near D.C. or Baltimore (it's mostly a mountain/rural interstate), and thus doesn't do anything to offload traffic from I-95. I disagree. I'm looking at I-81 right now from the front desk of a hotel. On any given night, there are guests at the hotel coming from Maine, going to N. Carolina, etc... They do this to avoid traffic on I-95. Having to deal with the constant construction on 81 is another matter entirely, though.

English DJ Claims Wi-Fi Allergy 515

path0$ writes "British Ex-DJ Steve Miller claims that his Wi-Fi allergy is making his life one big misery , forcing him to live in an iron-clad home far from any neighbors. According to the article, more and more people are suffering from an allergy like his. The only positive side to this is that at least Miller didn't think of suing anybody yet, like these people did, who claim to suffer from the same condition and were mentioned in a Slashdot article in 2008."

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