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Comment Re:Lack of redundancy (Score 1) 407

>>-81 isn't anywhere near D.C. or Baltimore (it's mostly a mountain/rural interstate), and thus doesn't do anything to offload traffic from I-95. I disagree. I'm looking at I-81 right now from the front desk of a hotel. On any given night, there are guests at the hotel coming from Maine, going to N. Carolina, etc... They do this to avoid traffic on I-95. Having to deal with the constant construction on 81 is another matter entirely, though.

English DJ Claims Wi-Fi Allergy 515

path0$ writes "British Ex-DJ Steve Miller claims that his Wi-Fi allergy is making his life one big misery , forcing him to live in an iron-clad home far from any neighbors. According to the article, more and more people are suffering from an allergy like his. The only positive side to this is that at least Miller didn't think of suing anybody yet, like these people did, who claim to suffer from the same condition and were mentioned in a Slashdot article in 2008."

Comment Re:US Government Officials will still deny.... (Score 1) 48

Source for the US denying water on mars? You can detect water on mars with a telescope in your back yard, if you can see the northern hemisphere of mars. The entire northern ice cap (or most of it anyway) is water ice. Southern ice cap not so much, but the north has tons of water. We knew about this before Mariner. How to tell whether that white spot on the surface of mars is water ice or not is left as an exercise to the reader.

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