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Comment Poll answers in plain English (Score 1) 332

  1. < 1% of the circumference of Earth = < ~400km (~250 miles)
  2. 1 to 3% of the circumference of Earth = ~400km (~250 miles) - ~1200km (~750 miles)
  3. 4 to 10% of the circumference of Earth = ~1600km (~1000miles) - ~4000km (~2500miles), e.g. Mexico - Canada
  4. 11 to 25% of the circumference of Earth = ~4400km (~2740miles) - ~10,000km (~6225miles), e.g. US - Moscow distance
  5. 26 to 50% of the circumference of Earth = ~10400km (~6474miles) - ~20000km (12450miles), e.g. Australia - USA

Submission + - End of the silicon computing is nigh. What's next? (techreport.com)

Artem Tashkinov writes: Ever since the invention of silicon transistor pundits have predicted that one day due to the laws of physics, companies which produce integrated circuits won't be able to shrink transistors, because at one point wires and gates become so small electrons will begin to stray freely and short circuit the chip. Intel has already plans for 11nm chips, but according to the current estimate the gate length of 5nm poses the ultimate limit of the silicon technology due to huge off-leakage current. So the question is, what happens next? Will the electronics industry and advancement in computing performance come to a screeching halt? Will we see the advent of photonic or quantum computers or something completely different? Or maybe computations will move to the cloud where CPUs will be plugged in on demand? Share your vision of the future.

Comment What about boosting GSM/2G signal? (Score 1) 229

My relatives live in the countryside and Internet access speed via a GSM network is abysmal (I'm talking solely about G2/Edge traffic) - around 4-6KB/sec vs theoretical limit of ~14KB/sec. Also access is very intermittent.

Is there a simple working solution (like the one outlined in this article) of boosting GSM connectivity for a 3G modem (which, alas, works only in 2G mode, since 3G masts are too far away).

Comment Apple has outdone itself (Score 0) 325

Now, according to Apple's lawyers, if you ever worked for Apple, then your subsequent inventions for other companies may also very well belong to Apple:

In amongst the ITC court papers in the recent HTC versus Apple spat is an argument which claims that Andy Rubin got inspiration for Android framework while working at Apple, hence infringing an Apple API patent.

This means that Android started at Apple, just by virtue of the fact that one of its former employees happened to have invented it. If this logic was applied, it would mean that it did not matter where an employee worked in their life all their inventions would be legally owned by the first company they worked for.

Comment Corrections (Score 5, Informative) 192

If cannot live without The Register, put into your hosts file

Linux: /etc/hosts
Windows: C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\host

these two lines: theregister.co.uk www.theregister.co.uk

And the summary of the article is apparently wrong, someone stole/hacked into TheRegister DNS zone, TheRegister www servers are intact.

Comment Computer enthusiasts don't need them (Score 1) 244

Usually only computer enthusiasts buy high end Intel CPUs, many of them buy these CPUs for overclocking and setting performance records.

These people have never installed stock Intel coolers, so this decision made by Intel seems like a no-brainer to me. Besides with 180W TDP many will install water cooling kits which allow noise free operation and increased overclockability.

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