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Comment Not really (Score 3, Insightful) 111

I haven't read the article but the summary seems to be somewhat exaggerated:
  • Mobile phones (OS) don't have any form of autorun
  • You cannot run .exe/.cmd/.com/.lnk attachment from e-mail
  • A lot of users still ... don't ever install a single extra app, and use their smartphone only as a contact list manager, calender and alarm clock
  • Unless Apple/Google becomes careless it's hard to believe that malware authors can (frequently) penetrate their app stores
  • There is still some variety: iPhoneOS/Android/RIM/W7 so malware writers can hardly target all platforms at once - so outbreaks are hardly possible

Comment Prince of Persia (Score 1) 283

Hollywood has yet to find any video game property it is willing to treat with the same respect as J.R.R. Tolkien or J.K.Rowling

IMO the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time movie was top-notch and one of the best movies in 2010. So, if Hollywood really wants to make a movie based on a video game, they can pull it quite easily, effectively and remarkably.

So no attitude needs to be changed. It mostly/just depends on their will to make a real movie.

Comment Random thoughts (Score 1) 179

First of all, let's not make a mountain out of a molehill - 99.999% of users have no idea that they are being constantly tracked and there's such a thing like cookies ... or even more not only your browser itself can store cookies, flash player itself has its own cookies (aka persistent storage). Most users will never bother logging off from gmail and clean cookies and they don't realize all their search queries are linked to their gmail account.

The whole technology needs to be revised if someone really cares about users' privacy. But since most of the world will keep on using IE for the next 5-10 years, I doubt any change will be feasible. *All* browsers, not only IE, will have to implement something completely new, so that this new technology would work. And I predict marketers' outcry if such a change is to be implemented.

As for the geeks there are many options available, I for one create a symbolic link from ~/.adobe/Flash_Player and ~/.macromedia to /dev/shm/. After I power off/reboot my PC all flash cookies are gone. Disabling these directories (like suggested earlier) isn't the best idea because some flash clips won't work correctly when local storage is disabled altogether.

Comment Oh no (Score 1) 640

Let me be the first to say that the current X.org drivers for DAAMIT, NVIDIA and Intel are all incomplete and buggy and what Mark offers will hit him and all Ubuntu users very hard.

And I'm quite sure ATI and NVIDIA won't bother releasing their binary drivers for this thingy in the foreseeable future (or maybe who cares where there are no AAA native games for Linux). With thousands of unresolved bugs in KDE/Gnome/X.org server itself, with many devices still unsupported or barely supported, I don't think it's the best endeavour in the immature Linux world.

Comment No subject (Score 1) 214

Whereas movie industry has large theaters and music industry has stadiums where they can recoup losses related to pirating of digital content, newspaper have nothing like that and it seems like it's their biggest problem. Good newspapers often have unique content or in-depth investigations, but most people are content with superficial sometimes even factually incorrect information.

Meanwhile paywall doesn't solve the aforementioned issue, it only sieves your readers and leaves the most dedicated ones. At the same time I still wonder what's more profitable - to leave your doors open and fill your website with ads or close your website with a paywall. If paywall allows a newspaper to be more profitable than without it, I see absolutely no problem here. Journalists, numerous personnel, rental payment - running a newspaper business is a costly affair.

Comment No Hitler for me (Score 1) 1270

Point one: the victory writes the history so none of us know what would happen if Hitler didn't start that war (it might be as well Stalin who would have tried to force communism onto the rest of Europe). So, by killing Hitler you could do more harm than good. Point two: there were more than a dozen attempts to kill Hitler so don't fancy killing him easily.

Comment Dreams (Score 1) 104

To me he's dreaming of putting modern console CPU/GPU into mobile phones - it's not going to happen soon. Not even in the next three years. But even then, playing a game on a big screen with a decent sound system seems like a much more enjoyable experience than tiny, unhandy controls and shitty sound.

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