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Comment Re:This is news? (Score 1) 420

It's not news, I remember my teacher telling us about this (how you recognize the shape of words, not letters) back in 1982. It has probably been known for much longer than that.

Oh well, this is Slashdot "news"...

(can I take that back? It IS old news, but OTOH it's a cool thing that kind of fits here)

Comment Re:Mint (Score 2) 488


Good if it's true, I recently abandoned Ubuntu and installed mint because of Unity. Nice, clean and works fine out of the box (or USB-stick). But I don't see how it could be more populair than Ubuntu (yet)?

Comment Re:Decouple GUI from OS (Score 1) 315

First impression? I want an OS that feels right out of the box. Not very rational, I know - but I'm probably not alone. And since Debian, Unity and Mint are more or less the same under the hood, the (default) GUI is important. Nevermind that I can change it, or that I do all my important work in the shell.

Comment Missing Option (Score 1) 515

Not yet.

However, I hope buy a house outside the city some time next year, and when I have my own house I *will* build an underground bunker (my girlfriend thinks I'm joking) that can be used for - among other things - hiding from zombies. I just hope that the zombie apocalypse or World War 3 or the next (real) Black Death-grade pandemic doesn't start until I'm finished.

And if nothing happens, well, then I'll have a perfect data dungeon!

Comment Re:Chinese rootkits on cell phones? (Score 1) 149

> Presumably, if you see a post saying something like
> "the Americans have the death penalty", you'll produce
> a similar response?

Yes? That would be just as silly, since the USA consists of several very diffent states. Some civilized, some controlled by the Taliban. Most people know this, those who don't should be mocked.

> Yes, the context of the OP was very clearly the
> Chinese government

No it wasn't. That's the point. But I know what you're saying, [perhaps] from your perspective perhaps the PRC is the Origin of All Evil, and then it would be natural to assume that the OP was talking about the PRC government, and not the Chinese. However, not everybody thinks that the PRC are responsible for everything that's bad in the world (just a significant percentage of it).

> the Iris[h] are drunk all the time

They are. I lived in Dublin for 3 very long years, I know.

Comment Re:Chinese rootkits on cell phones? (Score 2) 149

I've heard that the Dutch wear clogs, the French eat snails, the Iris are drunk all the time, Swedish girls sleep with everyone, the Japanese likes schoolgirls and the Americans are very fat. Does anyone know anything about this?

(sorry, your question is kind of interesting, I just couldn't resist. "The Chinese" are not the same as some individuals or some organisation based in China who might or might not have done something at some point.)

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