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Comment Re:Who in their right mind would want to use FAT? (Score 1) 272

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure the Jaunty install I did last week included that option.

As for wanting to format your primary hard drive, isn't that what Windows does?

At least Linux will configure your boot sector so that you can boot either OS. Windows just FUBARs everything to suit it's own agenda.

Comment Re:The summary is missing something... (Score 1) 460

"I think they're pretty satisfied with how things have gone so far on the Blu-Ray front."

Yes, user adoption has been going through the roof. I myself am struggling to find stores that have more than a dozen or so old DVDs on a shelf and those are usually pushed into a dark corner to make room for the huge numbers of Blueray Discs that they rent/sell.

Well, those and all the PSP Movie Discs that is.

Yes, I'm sure they are well chuffed with how Blue Ray is going.

Comment Re:The summary is missing something... (Score 1) 460

"This is the first concrete deployment of "trusted computing" type system, and the reality is that it is working"

OK, that may be true in a purely technical sense.

"The content industry has won this round"

Ummm, if by winning you mean "Blue Ray is a successful platform that has been widely adopted by a large number of paying customers" then you would be totally wrong. They may have won the battle, but the have not won the war.
", and will continue to win with ever more secure encryption and a legion of untrusting, internet connected players in peoples living rooms."

Only if they manage to force people to buy that stuff. or somehow manage to make stuff that does what you say and somehow manage to provide value for money and user satisfaction as well, which would be no mean feat I assure you.

P.S. Why is it that I now have to manually put in HTML break codes to insert blank lines between paragraphs now?

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 263

"It has no doubt happened several times this year which we will probably never know about, but to dismiss every pro-Microsoft article out-of-hand just because they say Android isn't technically mature enough yet is either naive or unfairly biased."

Not true. Considering that Microsoft have proven themselves to be fluent and prolific liars over the years then any prudent person would rightly suspect any future articles and claims regarding the greatness of their products as being equally likely to be disingenuous or exaggerated.

Comment Re:I stopped reading... (Score 4, Interesting) 682

Microsoft products got where they are now on the back of tech folks copying them and using them at home. Those tech folks then took to helping friends and family by installing those same products for them. Nowadays, as MS becomes better and better at locking down their products with DRM and more and more tech folk start coming to grips with linux you will find that this will eventually trickle down to the non tech users.

Personally, I sick and tired of fixing malware infestations for my relatives. These days I just stick dual boot ubuntu on their PC's, show them how it works and tell them they can use the non infested ubuntu or their old broken Windows. It's their choice. So far most people are quite happy as long as they don't want to run games, which mostly they don't.

Most of them just want to browse the web, send emails and write simple documents and you don't need windows for that.

Comment Re:They can either do it openly or covertly (Score 1) 353

" c) Set download caps- [...] Personally, I'll gladly take c."

Spoken like someone who hasn't had the "thrill" of surfing the net and wondering at every click "golly, I hope this will be worth the download" only to discover you have just streamed 150Mb of utter crap which you will never get back again.

You'd be surprised how crappy the Internet gets when you start having to micromanage every little thing you do just to conserve your bandwidth.

I have to resort to downloading ubuntu updates at work and then fucking sneaker-netting them on a USB key just to save on downloading bits.

You can forget streaming MP3's from my home server to my girlfriends place over the net like any self respecting geek would do. No, we can't do that because arsehole ISP's don't know how to run their businesses properly and have oversubscribed their networks in the rush to snare more customers than the competition using lies and obfuscation about the services they can provide to said customers.

And what point is there in having a blistering fast ADSL2 connection that is capable of filling your monthly download quota in an afternoon session?

I mean FFS, this is the 21st century and we are talking about just shifting bits around here. How fucking hard can that be?

Today we have networking tech available to us that was not even imaginable by past generations yet I'm still operating like its the goddamn 1980's and shifting crap around in my pocket on the modern day equivalent of a floppy disk.

What the fuck is up with that?

Can you imagine paying for cable TV and being sold "157 Channels" but discovering later that you can only watch 4 programs a week or else you have to pay for the "extra content". Nope, nobody would go for that because it is a retarded idea. Yet we are letting ISP's get away with it. Why is that?

ISP's should sell download speeds. The fatter your pipe the more you pay. Period.

Other than that you should be able to do whatever you damn well like with that pipe. Anything less is downright con artistry and smoke 'n' mirrors marketing bullshit.

Don't stand for it people.


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