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Submission + - 'Lifesaver bottle' filters out viruses (

gihan_ripper writes: "British inventor Michael Pritchard has developed a small self-contained filter system that instantly cleans water, removing all particles larger than 15nm. Speaking to the Telegraph, he said that he was inspired after seeing the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004; people had to wait for many days to get fresh water and many died from drinking contaminated water. The filter is so effective that it can purify dirty river water and even faecal matter. His bottle will shortly be available for sale from Lifesaver Systems at an expected cost of £190 (approx. $385)."

Submission + - Debian win32-loader goes official (

An anonymous reader writes: After a long process of review and polishing, the win32 loader from has finally made its way to official Debian CDs. Latest daily builds of lenny (the development version) are including it, making the start of Debian Installer as simple as just a few clicks. The win32-loader version, now based on GRUB 2, includes new features such as detection and preseeding of Windows settings, and is translated to 20 languages.

Submission + - ESR had enough with Fedora, moved to Ubuntu

sufehmi writes: "After almost losing his data because of a minor update from Fedora, ESR finally call it quits. In his posting on fedora-devel@, he lambasted on the purist attitude of the Fedora project, while losing touch with the reality.

I've moved away from Fedora once I realized that security updates are not going very well for older versions, endangering my computers; especially after the Fedora legacy project folded up.

Personally, I think it's possible to find a middle-path; where a Linux distro is both free (as in freedom) and Just Works (tm) for your average John Doe."

Feed High-Def DVD Crackers Lie Low (

A company that sells ripping software for high-definition disks operates through a corporate maze reaching from Ireland to Antigua. Good luck, MPAA. In 27B Stroke 6.

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