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Journal Journal: Is there a viable free alternative to Outlook?

I haven't made the full Linus switch for several reasons (iPod bein one of them) but I am an avid user of free alternatives to Microsoft products (Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.) but I have yet to find a free application that emcompasses the utility of Microsoft's Outlook. Are there any free, Windows compatible, alternatives out there? My needs are the three basics - email, calendar, and to do list. Beyond that is gravy in my book.

Journal Journal: Joining the iPod revolution (finally)

Well, I finally decided to order an iPod after the announcement that the 20GB model was now available for $299 (tack on a 10% student discount and it's mine for $269). The new model has a lot of new features and extended battery life which is nice. Anyone else that uses the calendar and contacts list extensively? As a student that is part of my plan - as well as possibly recording lectures.

Journal Journal: Massive email storage making me more disorganized!

Since switching my promary email account from Yahoo! to Gmail, I can't help but feel that my email is becoming more disorganized - thanks in big part to both the search function and the massive amounts of storage offered by Google. With only 6MB of space available on my original Yahoo account, I was a veritable organization machine. When emails came in I read them, then either immediately deleted them of they were of no more use or filed them in the appropriate folder for easy location later. And if one of my emails had a large attachment taking up 80% of my inbox, I simply downloaded the offending picture or file to my hard drive and deleted the email. Yes, even with Gmail's "Labels" I can file my emails in essentially the same fashion, but the massive amounts of storage and search feature is making me more disorganized. I am now much more likely to read an email and then just hit the "Archive" button, sending it off into some nether region of my email inbox to fill up space, never to be seen again. And pictures? Forget about it. Those just get archived, never make it onto my hard drive. Believe me, this is of my own making, but it goes to prove that getting too much too fast, when you are used to so little can be detrimental to your well being!

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