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Comment Re:Very silly story (Score 1) 233

I think its a planted story from competitors to bring back the antennagate issue. I can't otherwise explain the preoccupation with that part of the story. its hardly a success story for a fall at best its freakish that it would survive and no would would expect it would pass. On the other hand mine did not survive its recent transgression into a heavy H2O atmosphere and the Apple Store replaced it without even a fuss. Which is more likely to happen, a fall while sky diving or a drop in the drink.

Comment Re:Empty theatrics (Score 1) 987

I thought he was wanted, so no one would kill him, thereby releasing the bad shit. So he is essential been detained for his own protection and as a result of his own protection scheme ie i am releasing horrible stuff and if you try to stop me or kill me I will release more horrible stuff than this. Now you have groups that want him dead for what he released already and you have groups that want him alive for what he could release. The rest of it is smoke and mirrors

Comment Re:But you can still get it, right? (Score 1) 415

Actually the deal is that the geeks who set up the androids for their mom's, dad's, technically challenged friends and relatives can slip this app on through an alternate store and there is nothing anyone can do about it. We just have to rely on the honesty of geeks, like the ones that work for the PA school district.

Comment Re:Technically, yes, except .... (Score 1) 485

I think the revenue from the tickets should go to other sources ie schools. The township shouldn't be able to use any funds from these revenue streams. No pulling the "here's money for schools, now we get their other funding" trick either. If you remove the direct incentive the police will start writing tickets for when they are most appropriate.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 0, Flamebait) 507

I'm not mad about anything, I think CR is just out of their league reviewing smart phones. Can they test this one thing, well yes, you got me there. I think they are competent enough to test that. I guess when I need finger touch antenna attenuation testing I've found my source.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 507

I am speaking of high technology credibility in general and more to the point their ability to offer advice on smartphones. I am saying I don't think they have the mental savvy. I won't use them for my technology advise and it seems neither do you. In fact you don't use them for anything. So i guess maybe you should just not speak on the topic, since you cannot form and educated or useful opinion. I on the other hand have used them for lots of things, I don't use them for my high end electronics gear for good reason. However if I am looking for a new toaster, well why not use them.

Comment Re:With such a simple solution at hand.. (Score 1) 507

I dont' think its that simple. They have to do more than that. They have to allow for a return, if that doesn't cut it. Then they also have to have the consumer agree that this is a good enough solution and when your dealing with millions of phones, its even bigger than that. I think they have to come out with a "We have discovered the exact cause of the issue with the iphone4's antenna, it is "blah blah blah", here is "solution A" or "solution b". I don't think they should knee jerk to this and spout some gobblety gook, like so many here want. I expect a professional and educated response.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 507

Sorry that doesn't mean they are good at certain technology sectors. I use them for lots of things but not for computers/appliances. I bought my barracuda without 1 consultation with consumer reports. I also bought my stereo system carver amp, yamaha cassette deck, magnepan speakers etc without consumer reports, but when I went to buy a vacuum they were my first choice for which is best. I simply don't trust them for the technical nuances in certain electronics equipment. Regardless of all that, Apple may have a problem with antennas I just won't use consumer reports as the basis for whether they do or not. I just don't feel they have the expertise. This is based on my own experience at their general lack of technology IQ. What Apple does have is for sure a PR nightmare, It is especially difficult when you look at the ramifications for how they address it or fail to address it. I like Apple they generally do a good job on hardware/software, that doesn't mean I would buy anything and everything the sell. I own a Ford truck but I also don't think they are the end all be all of vehicles.

Comment Re:WebOS actually looks great (Score 1) 240

Sounds like you have Apple issues, teenaged windows angst or something Let me get this straight, you want them to make and iPad competitor "just to piss off Apple"? I'd imagine that any company that would do this would be out of business in short order, falling to keep their focus about where its going and what's its producing. Your eagerness sounds almost giddy, like a child that is gonna show your daddy how life is really done, before he has a clue. Why this is marked '4 interesting' is astonishing, is it that it brings up the genius idea that HTC or Lenovo should by them?

Why Paying For Code Doesn't Mean You Own It 447

Barence writes "Why do people think they own code just because they've paid for it? PC Pro's Kevin Partner says many of his clients believe that by paying for the work to be done, they take ownership of it. But, put simply, code is owned by its developer even once the client has paid, unless that developer is legally employed by the client or a contract exists that transfers full ownership (and even then it's far from clear-cut). He discusses the thorny issue of making clients understand that distinction and gives advice on how developers can assert their rights."
Open Source

Myst Online: Uru Live Returns As Free-To-Play 58

agrif writes "Shorah b'shemtee! Uru Live has been released for free, as a first step towards opening its source. This game, an MMO released by the makers of Myst and Riven in 2003, has been canceled, zombified, resurrected, canceled again, and is now about to be released as open source to its dedicated fan base. Massively has written a brief newbie guide if you're unfamiliar with the game."

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