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Comment Who in the FedGov is using (Score 1) 75

This seems like a terrible idea. I wouldn't touch for something official at work now that is live. That requires a federal gov't e-mail address as a login, and people abusing the system can be stopped at the account level.

Admittedly, before went live I needed to use a shortening service on occasion, but I always used tinyurl preview links when that came up. I figured that it was the least I could do to improve transparency for users.

Comment Re:Cold? (Score 1) 166

You don't need an atmosphere to radiate heat away. You're thinking of convection. But radiating is the least efficient way to do it.

That's true. However, isn't the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere immaterial to the amount of heat that can be lost via radiation? I just assumed that TFA was talking convection because I didn't see radiation as being viable in that context or dependent in any way on how "cold" the moon was.

Comment Re:Cold? (Score 1) 166

You're probably right. I don't see how we get something like this till we have at least a medium-sized permanent moon base with a data center buried deep enough in the regolith or underlying rock to be reasonably safe from cosmic ray interference. And I still don't think you can use the lunar "atmosphere" for any sort of heat sinking, in any case. For the record, though, IANA Astrophysicist.

Comment External Hard Drives = mobile (Score 1) 86

If there's a complete devastation warning, I'm getting the heck out. And some of the first things I grab will be the his&hers external backup drives. Together they'll take up a few dozen cubic inches, and you have complete system states on there for our systems. If there's more time, I might grab the towers or at least disassemble them and take out the drives, but the backups are a good, easy-to-grab start. I won't even grab the cords if I'm in a hurry...those are easy enough to replace for cheap.

Comment Re:Has it really come to this? (Score 1, Funny) 233

This is the first time that I'm considering finding alternatives to Slashdot. There is no excuse for this. Slashdot staff should know better. I'll have to look around, what do you all suggest as alternative?

(Even the captcha is on my side, the word is "LISTEN". LISTEN /.)

I haven't had to look for alternatives before, either. Maybe Boing Boing?

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