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Submission + - Ancient Programmer Tidbit

jlbprof writes: When I was a young programmer (back in Apple II days). I had a much older programmer as a mentor. He once told me something that I have not seen anywhere written yet it is an absolute truth.

A Control Character's value can be calculated by bitwise anding the character with 0x1F.

Example: Carriage Return is a 0x0D or a control M.
M is 0x4D & 0x1F = 0x0D Voila!

Did you know that?

Submission + - America Invents Act (

jlbprof writes: "What is your opinion of this act? The article says it should be bi-partisan but specifically does it help or hurt the cause to eliminate software and business model patents?"

Submission + - Mesh Injection Attacks Claims 30,000 Websites (

darthcamaro writes: Forget about SQL Injection — Mesh Injection is a new type of injection attack that could just be even more dangerous. According to a new reportm Mesh Injection may have claimed as many as 30,000 websites already. Aside from the big infection number the real danger is the mesh itself which enables the injection to spread.

"The mass mesh victim sites are injected with JavaScript, but not to a small set of malicious redirectors, they are injected with malicious JavaScript that point to each other in a mesh," Wayne Huang, CTO at Armorize told "So the infected websites themselves are re-directors."

Comment Monsanto (Score 1) 1229

Monsanto in the U.S. has made it illegal to label produce as "not" being genetically modified. There is no way to know if the produce we buy is GMO or normal. We have to assume it is. That has to stop. Allow us to be informed and make choices then I don't care. But when I serve my family corn or potatoes I want to know they are not GMO.

Submission + - Novel approach detects unknown food pathogens

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers from the School of Science at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and the Bindley Bioscience Center at Purdue University have developed a novel approach to automated detection and classification of harmful bacteria in food. The investigators have designed and implemented a sophisticated statistical approach that allows computers to improve their ability to detect the presence of bacterial contamination in tested samples. These formulas propel machine-learning, enabling the identification of known and unknown classes of food pathogens.

Submission + - University of North Florida DB Hacked (

wiredmikey writes: A foreign hacker managed to break into a database containing the personal information of high school and college students at the University of North Florida. A total of 106,884 people could have been impacted by this breach and it was disclosed that 52,853 had their names and social security numbers compromised. The University notified thousands of students that may have had their names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth compromised due to a data breach on a university computer server.

Submission + - Chinese anti-satellite space junk count hits 3,000 (

coondoggie writes: Three years after the Chinese government blew one of its satellites in space with a missile the debris from that explosion continues to grow. NASA' s Orbital Debris Program Office this week said the number of debris officially cataloged from the 2007 Chinese the Fengyun-1C spacecraft anti-satellite test has now surpassed 3000. By mid-September 2010, the tally had reached 3037, of which 97% remained in Earth orbit

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