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My opinion of Bradbury has dropped a notch or two.

I will grant him this: There is a lot of nonsense on the internet. But there has always been a shitload of nonsense on the shelves of your average library. No library, no matter how up to date, represents the end-all, be-all pinnacle of human knowledge and wisdom. A good proportion of it is valuable, timelessly relevant observation of the human condition, and good hard historical fact. But an equal or greater amount of it is mythical nonsense and hackjob bullshit fit for reading at the beach and little else.

In the end, the most important thing people people have to realize is that they need to learn how to THINK CRITICALLY and not accept things as fact simply because they were told to believe that it was fact or that it fits their previous assumptions. They need to be ready to admit that their previous assumptions were wrong and that they can change their minds when new and better information comes along and not feel threatened in some way.
And this applies equally to a book in the library, a news report on CNN or FoxNews, the pronouncements of a government (or the protesters against that government) or the statements on a webpage. Don't believe anything right away but think about it, chew on it, digest it, analyse it, compare it, test it, and then do it all again. No matter where it came from or where you found it.

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Submission + - The Pirate Bay About To Relaunch Suprnova.org 3

kungfujesus writes: The Pirate Bay crew has been working on this secret project for quite some time now. Back in April they wrote a cryptic post on their blog announcing that something was coming. In a response to this announcement TPB admin Brokep told TorrentFreak: "The past, the present and the future. It's all the same, but one thing's for sure, we will radiate for weeks", today it became clear that he was referring to the resurrection of Suprnova. Article Here

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