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Comment Re:This just in: chemistry still works (Score 1) 104

To be honest, that in itself is probably worthy of notice. It is not a self-evident truth that all the laws of physics work exactly the same throughout the entire universe. There have, for example, been quite a few theories that have postulated that some of the fundamental constants may vary over space and/or time.

Therefore, just the confirmation that chemistry actually does seem work the same 11 billion years ago on the other side of the known universe is certainly not worthless knowledge. It may also have provided some knowledge about how long it takes for oxygen to accumulate in the evolution of a galaxy (though that may well have been known previously).

Furthermore, of course, it is a great verification of our observational capacity. Though the existence of water may not have been unexpected, our ability to observe it is quite something to marvel at, if I may say so.

Comment Re:I like Python (Score 1) 997

I can't copy his code into mine without manually replacing his spaces with tabs, and vice versa.

In that case, your editor is doing something hideously wrong. Python's parser follows the traditional rule that a tab forwards to the next column divisible by 8, which is how all reasonable programs interpret Tab characters.

Many programs that have functionality for writing Python code avoid the use of tabs completely, though. Emacs being one of them.

Comment Re:macros are cool (Score 1) 412

Yes, and don't forget C-x z for repeating a command such as C-x e. The convenient thing about it is that you can keep pressing just the z key afterwards to keep repeating.

I find it especially useful when re-indenting code blocks that are a bit to irregular to use C-c C-q: Just do C-x ( TAB C-n C-x ) C-x e C-x z z z z...


Submission + - GCC Compiler will finally gets replace by BSD PCC. (

Sunnz writes: "A leaner, lighter, faster, and most importantly, BSD Licensed Compiler PCC has been imported into OpenBSD's CVS and NetBSD's pkgsrc.

The compiler is based on the original Portable C Compiler by S. C. Johnson, written in the late 70's. Even though much of the compiler has been rewritten, some of the basics still remain.

It is currently not bug-free, but it compiles on x86 platform, and works being done on it to take on GCC's job."

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - The Dark Side of HDCP, or, Why Is My PS3 Blinking?

FloatsomNJetsom writes: High Definition Content Protection is supposed to make sure you're not playing pirated content, but sometimes your devices screw up the HDCP "handshake" (over an HDMI cable) and nothing works. This happens with some regularity with the PS3, and Popular Mechanics investigated and found a quick and dirty workaround. From the article:
We then checked with Leslie Chard, president of HDMI Licensing, which owns the rights to the standard, who told us that HDCP is one component of HDMI that has been plagued with interoperability issues. HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content protection) is designed to prevent the interception of data — specifically copyrighted Hollywood movies — between an output component and a display. As Steve Balough, the president of Digital Content Protection, the licensing company for HDCP explains, the two pieces of hardware must exchange a "key," a sort of certificate of authenticity unique to each individual device, to verify a secure connection.
The problem isn't limited to the PS3 — many HDTV cable boxes and have the same problem. The fix there? Unplugging the power cable.

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