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Comment Corel x3 (Score 1) 695

I would reccomend, Corel x3

Key points:
Industry accepted product (albeit not widely used)
Outputs RGB/CMYK
Can copy and paste form most apps very well, and import PSD's
Significantly cheaper.
Mostly a Vector app, but can handle raster quite well.

Corel is very similar to CS2, it even has a CS2 interface option so the transition is minimal. The biggest difference in practical application is that corel can do most of what CS2 can do, but it's faster.

What can be done in CS2, can be done better in CS2, but for the same results on many uses, Corel X3 is faster and simpler.

My wife works in a graphic design shop (*so this is secondhand info from many a tirade about how one is better or worse, i prefer CS2) that almost exlusively uses Corel over Photoshop/Illustrator, because it was cheaper. Now that they can afford all the apps, the designers chose Corel because it does the same in 1/4 the time.

Mostly they do, Business cards, Trifolds, Ad's, Corporate identities (including logo development) and various layouts of other media and print.

Not actual experience, but close enough to form an opinion :)

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