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Comment Re:arg (Score 1) 92

I have never liked the term "automagically". There's no need for it, because it is exactly the same as "automatically". Unless the user is somehow implying that magic is involved.

Comment It's been ADJUSTED to look like Earth. (Score 4, Funny) 215

From the article:

> The colors in this image are not what a human standing on Mars would see — the presence of dust in the atmosphere would make the scene appear much redder. Instead, the pictures have been white-balanced to show how it would appear under typical Earth lighting conditions.

So the story is that a photo of Mars that has been adjusted so it looks like Earth to make it easier for geologists to interpret... looks like Earth. Wow.

Comment As a phone? Really? (Score 1) 91

> quite a few people have been asking me if it's possible to use the Wi-Fi-based Nexus 7 as a phone

Do these people own a Nexus 7 or have they even seen one? It wouldn't make a great phone.

It's too big to hold up to your ear and besides there isn't a speaker near the top. So that means you'd have to use it as a speaker phone. And as it only has wi-fi it's not as if you can use it on the go, unless you happen to be near a wi-fi hotspot or similar that you have access to - but using it handsfree in public isn't going to work well.

Comment Re:Maybe if you're deaf (Score 1) 223

I agree.

Despite all the talk of positive feedback, accuracy, key travel, etc. I find I get on best with an Apple keyboard, which has little feedback and almost no key travel (probably less so than a typical laptop keyboard).

It's quiet and effortless, and very comfortable to use. When I'm forced to use another keyboard (e.g. on-site at a customer's offices) I often find it way too noisy. In a quiet office it's almost embarrassing to type when there's a loud 'clack' sound with each key press.

Comment Re:Units and news (Score 4, Insightful) 120

On the contrary, Earth radii is a useful unit when explaining how close something came to the earth. It helps to form a mental picture.

For example, if you state that the moon is 384,400km from the earth, that doesn't really mean much - even if you know the diameter of the earth it's not as easy to form a mental picture as it is if you say that it is 62 Earth radii.

Personally though I would have thought diameters would be better than radii? I.e. the moon is 31 Earth diameters (or simply 31 'Earths') away. (As a side note I think that is much further than most people would guess it is).

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