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Comment Re:Too bad Apple doesn't make SW like their HW (Score 3, Insightful) 295

Apple makes great software; its just that they make the worst Windows software you could ever use. iLife is half the reason why I was using a Mac for so many years. General rule of thumb for all Apple software:
If it ends in .exe, it will be slow, bloated, and unintuitive
If it ends in .app, it will be fast, slick, and makes sense

Comment Not exactly Microsoft's fault (Score 3, Insightful) 268

Even if MS made the best phone OS ever created, it would still be hard to get many developers interested. The "mindshare" of developers is all in Android and iOS. Even 2 years ago, if you were at a mobile developer's conference, nobody would care about what you had to say unless it had something to do with Android or iOS. That is one of the reasons why nobody cared about MeeGo or WebOS even though they were both open source.

Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 408

For one company I used to work for, they would have us make our own questions. If we needed our password to be reset, we had to call IT department and answer the questions we made. If the IT rep believes that the questions are "bad", they would force the employee to make a trip to the IT department and show their badge to prove who they are.

Comment Re:Nokia is dead (Score 3, Informative) 105

Except writing Qt application on Symbian^3 was like stabbing yourself with a needle every second. Nokia never bothered to fix QWidget on the Symbian platform and just told developers to wait until QML's Qt Components were ready. And, of course, Qt Components for Symbian^3 wasn't stable until after Nokia already announced the transition to Windows Phone.

Maemo did a good job of implementing QWidget (including kinetic scrolling), but they threw all that out in MeeGo when they decided to drop native support for QWidget and have everybody just use QML instead.

And don't get me started on how Intel confused everybody with their version of MeeGo.

Comment Compiler Technology (Score 3, Interesting) 260

I was wondering, hypothetically, if somebody where to take the source code of Debian 1.3.1 and compile it with the latest version of GCC and somehow made it compile; I wonder how much faster it will compared to the binary that was released back then. I mean, has compiler technology improved much in the last 14 years when it comes to slow machines like the i386?

Comment Re:If Nokia really wants to remain relevant (Score 4, Informative) 210

1. Ditch the goal of moving Symbian to anything beyond dumb phones with cameras

Many people outside of US still use it and want some compatibility with their old phones.

2. Change the name of Meego to ANYTHING ELSE

MeeGo is just the name of the SDK / developer platform. Most consumers will not see that name when they purchase the phone.

3. Release Meego completely OSS and don't hamper people wanting to go in and tinker

You can now.

4. Start rolling out both (Official stock) Android and Meego on devices and allow for the devices to switch back and forth between the two

You can run MeeGo on N900. I think you can install Android on it too. MeeGo is not ready for any other device yet; not because Nokia doesn't want you to port it, simply because MeeGo doesn't have to features yet to handle any other kind of phone. Nokia doesn't think MeeGo is ready for primetime yet so you will not see it on any other phone for some time.

5. Release a marketing campaign to choose 'the next look of Nokia'

Wait until Q2 2011. I am not allowed to say anything else.

6. Analyze which OS is getting better market traction and phase out the loser

Nokia already said that they are moving to Linux/MeeGo. Qt is the "bridge" to move developers from one to another (just like how Carbon was used to move from MacOS classic to MacOS X). Talking to the people at Nokia, they already consider Symbian to be "legacy" and are already moving to MeeGo.

7.Profit More!

I hope Nokia will.

Comment A few thoughts (Score 3, Informative) 291

I have been using Kubuntu 10.10 for the last 2 weeks. Some impressions:
  • Still haven't fixed a number of dual screen bugs :(. Sad because Fedora 13 fixed them in their KDE.
  • I didn't like how KDE 4.5 changed the buttons so I had to change the coloring system back to KDE 4.4 style
  • Lots of updates; every day!
  • Rekonq still crashes each time I go to google maps. Latest git commit crashes on startup so Kubuntu guys can't do much about it yet
  • Qt 4.7 is awesome. It seems fairly stable despite not being released yet.
  • R600 open source driver still has issues with KDE's window manager (in terms of performance). At least its a little faster. Also, they fixed all the issues it has with Blender3D!

Comment Re:What has this to do with sony yanking linux? (Score 1) 337

It is because of the "order of operations" that is required for the pirates to run pirated games:

Step 1 is for a "hacker" to figure out how to run arbitrary code on the console.

Step 2 is for a "homebrewer" to figure out how to use information from step 1 to make the console run existing/ported applications (or their own application/game).

Step 3 is for a "pirate" to use information from step 2 to make the console play copied games.

The basic idea is that the "pirates" rely on the "hacker" to pirate games. Many people believe that the "hackers" and "homebrewers" were content with the "Other OS" option so they never bothered to try to bypass it which delayed the pirates. Now, with the "Other OS" option gone, the hackers took an alternate and illegal route (as this article implies, using a USB dongle) to run their arbitrary code and now it appears that PS3 has a piracy issue. People can speculate that if Sony kept the "Other OS" option, the "hackers" would never have gone this route and the "pirates" would have nothing to piggy-back on. People like Geohot believe this would happen eventually and the removal of "Other OS" simply catalyzed piracy. Personally, I believe if Sony kept the "Other OS" option, they would have gotten another 3 years before piracy, at which point they would have been looking into their next generation console anyway.

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