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Comment Re:Lessig on what plex is really important (Score 5, Insightful) 106

Microsoft has filled homes, offices and universities with software that the billions of users can't change. How many jobs would be created if all the offices, homes and universities had the option to pay someone to add a feature or make whatever changes? Or to organise themselves as a company to make the changes themselves and offer support or further development?

How much progress would be made if software development wasn't bottle necked by having only one company in the world able to do development of that operating system?

Comment Re:RMS : lefty a "troll like enemy of free softwar (Score 1) 587

Those links are too unreadable.

I clicked those links, plus some from a higher-up post, and found some mentions of bad behaviour, but it's mixed in with long comments about other stuff I've no interest in. To present information in a readable way, I suggest making one page/post about this one topic, and write a statement, link to a proof for that statement, then write another statement, link to a proof for that statement, rince, repeat as necessary.

When it's written, reread it from the point of view of someone who's doubtful (not an enemy, just a critical visitor), and fix the points where you think that reader might stop reading.

How can someone differentiate between your tl;dr links and this:

Comment Did Belgium get it? H1N1 only exists in TVland (Score 4, Insightful) 423

Most people who picked the "None" option are either willfully ignorant or woefully uninformed.

I clicked "None". None of my friends, collegues or family have claimed to have it, none have had flu this year, and none have taken sick leave from work or other unusual leave in the past months.

From here, H1N1 only exists in TVland.

Comment Glad we all agree. So, anything new? (Score 1) 93

Glad to know you agree with us all on that... ...but the question was on a different topic.

I've given the highlights of Google's patents moves. Today's story adds another crumb of info, this time about design patents on software. The question is: anyone else got new pieces to add to help make the picture of Google's stance on software patents?

Comment Google's strange stance (Score 1, Redundant) 93

I've tried to figure out Google's stance on software patents, but it's never clear.

The brief they signed for the Supreme Court Bilski case does seem to argue against software patents, so that's the main thing.

On the other hand, they're stockpiling them. But do they use them aggressively? Have they ever argued *for* them being generally allowed by the USPTO?

(I know they support "patent reform", but that's only important for massive corporations, it's got little to do with anything of importance to software developers or users)

Here's what I have so far:

Comment Richard M. Stallman is doing the real work (Score 3, Insightful) 541

Stallman's working for social justice, freedom and equality. He gets chosen less often as a posterboy, but he's the one doing the really important work.

Linus is only popular because his style is convenient for IBM and the other megacorps. He goes with the flow, let's those with power do what they want.


Submission + - Bilski hearing comments on software patents 1

H4x0r Jim Duggan writes: End Software Patents have published their analysis of what the Bilski hearing statements imply for software patents: At Monday's hearing (transcript html, pdf), neither party had the objective of abolishing software patents. The Bilski case is about a business method patent, so there was Mr. Jakes arguing that business methods should be patentable, and Mr. Stewart arguing that they shouldn't. For software to be excluded, we're relying on the judges (to whom we wrote an amicus brief, as did many others). There're some worrying statements, but there's definitely hope.

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