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Comment Re:But what OS will it run? (Score 1) 99

I can tell you Android runs on x86 already, albeit in an unstable state. I expect with Intel behind this, things will develop faster. Regarding the compatibility issues, Android is bytecode with only specific libraries compiled natively, and they're being ported. I imagine we'll see some sort of fat binary support for both architectures on the Android Market.

Comment Re:Why I care as a developer (Score 1) 99

I imagine that, since Google is partnering with Intel on this, we'll have a sort of fat binary like during the Mac's transition era from PowerPC to x86. An added benefit would be that developers stick to bytecode libraries if they want to be able to run anywhere, and everyone will benefit from the added portability.

Comment Re:Why we might possibly care (Score 1) 99

I imagine they've tested Android on x86, since they've had it running for a while now and that's the main target for 2012. iOS does NOT run on x86 at this point. The stated goal is to double the pace of Moore's law for mobile processors in the next few generations. They have the room to do this for 2-3 more cycles, which would imply intercepting ARM pretty soon.

Comment Re:Try living in Australia :/ (Score 1) 312

That's something I found really odd when I first moved to the US from Spain. In Spain, apartments are generally fully furnished, and only bedding and personal items need to be brought over. It makes it much easier to change places if you want to be light. On the other hand, most people own or aim to own their place (this might be changing due to the size of the housing bubble that's still deflating way too slow to make things affordable), so in general college students are the bulk of the market, which explains a lot.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 861

All that is right, but it doesn't answer the original question, which was "if it is headed to a landfill, isn't it being 'composted' anyway?", which of course is absolutely correct. The key here is the waste (pun intended) of valuable resources. Every pound of compost replaces the need for more oil based fertilizers. It also reduces the amount of energy spent hauling garbage, because there is less of it. It's reducing your footprint in a very visible way.

Comment Re:Multiply your invisibility... (Score 1) 275

I heard of a case of someone at a big tech company that was hired with amazing credentials. MS from Stanford and PhD from CMU, something like that. The guy would always show up late and keep a low profile. Avoiding most contact and keeping quiet in his cube for months. After a while someone ran a background check on him and it turned out his degrees were nonexistent, but he still managed to rack a good half year of top pay, and got away with it. What company would like that kind of publicity?

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