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Comment Re:Loving it, need more of it (Score 1) 450

Yes, Internet dependency is the only drawback. Distcc is an option only for compiling, but not for running huge tasks, which we do a lot, and for that you need the heavy servers. I recently moved up to SF and my commute became about 90 minutes. I can't code, but I can do other things, like planning work, thinking about problems... I make the best of it, but the days I want to bike to work they're logistic nightmares, and the laptop only adds to that.

Comment Loving it, need more of it (Score 4, Interesting) 450

At work we all have latest generation laptops that end up working as dumb terminals through VNC. A bunch of servers and a load balance connection hub to always route you to the least used one make sure no work is lost if the laptop drops or is stolen, and with current network speeds, it's pretty much like working locally, with the added benefit of an 8-core beast compiling for you, and little to no maintenance on my side. If anything, I'd love for things to go thinner. I lug my laptop, which is heavy enough, from home to work and back every day. Then at work I dock it to use the 25" screen and full keyboard on my desk. If I could just have a small device that acts as a real dumb terminal with some processing power and minimal storage, I'd be happy.

Comment Re:Another story about how badly it works (Score 1) 203

Yes, I noticed that from just watching their video, which is supposed to be dazzling. I have to say, the idea is awesome, but when the Spanish sentences they use range from grammatically poor to plain incorrect, you have to question what they're doing. My guess is they have a simple dictionary and replace word with word. Understandable, otherwise, if you consider that they work without network connection or a huge database.


Thief Posts His Photo To Facebook Victim's Account 222

An anonymous reader writes "Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher discovered his house had been burgled; money, a winter coat, an iPod and his son's laptop were stolen. Imagine his surprise when Facebook friends of his 15-year-old son reported that a photo of the apparent thief, wearing Fisher's coat and holding a wad of notes, had been uploaded to his son's Facebook account. How addicted do you have to be to a social network to post a status update and upload your photo *while* you're burgling someone's house?"

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